NATO Turkey and proxies bomb and cleanse Christians and other minorities in Syria

NATO Turkey and proxies bomb and cleanse Christians and other minorities in Syria

Murad Makhmudov and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

NATO Turkey is continuing to violate the territory of Syria along with Sunni Islamist proxies and mercenaries for hire. Henceforth, the recent bombing of Tel Tamer, a majority Christian populated town, and other outlying villages is a further reminder that NATO Turkey believes it can break international law at random. After all, apart from France, the majority of NATO powers remain largely mute.

The Hill reports, “In Syria, Turkey hit multiple cities: Qamishli, Ain Issa, and Tel Tamer, which is part of the Assyrian Christian region along the Khabur River. Four members of the SDF were killed by Turkish strikes in Syria – including a prominent Kurdish commander of the Women’s Protection Units, Sosin Ahmed.”

Seven years ago, ISIS (Islamic State – IS) massacred thousands of Yazidis in Iraq after attacking Sinjar. By the following year, ISIS attacked many Christian Assyrian villages. Indeed, from the start of the crisis in Syria, various Sunni Islamist terrorist groups targeted the Alawites and other minorities long before ISIS. Therefore, Yazidi women were enslaved, killed, and converted to Islam – while Alawite women were mocked in cages and many were brutally killed by forces supported by Turkey.

Concerning recent bombing attacks by NATO Turkey, Voice of America reports, “Bassam Ishak, president of the Syriac National Council, one of the largest Christian political groups in Syria, said the Turkish bombing of areas on the Syria-Turkey border has led to the displacement of a large number of residents, including many Assyrian Christians.”

According to the United Nations Commission of Inquiry, various Turkish proxies have committed horrendous massacres against Christians, Kurds, Yazidis, and other minorities in various parts of northern Syria. Alawites have also been targeted by sectarian terrorists backed by NATO Turkey.

Another policy of Turkey and the proxies it supports is to cleanse ethnic and religious minorities. Henceforth, the role of NATO Turkey is leading to demographic changes on the ground.

Sadly, Elias Antar Elias (Assyrian People’s Assembly in northeast Syria) uttered, “The recent attacks on our villages brought back to our memory Safar Barlik in 1915 when the Ottoman Empire targeted us … Now, here in Syria, history is repeating itself.”

Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), the Syriac Military Council, and others must all be worried by the recent action of America in Afghanistan – and past historical betrayals.


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