NATO Turkey is allegedly recruiting ISIS members to kill Kurds in Syria: Afrin crisis

NATO Turkey is allegedly recruiting ISIS members to kill Kurds in Syria: Afrin crisis

Murad Makhmudov and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

According to The Independent media group, and other sources, NATO Turkey is recruiting ISIS (Islamic State – IS) sectarian terrorists and other Takfiri Islamists to kill Kurds in Northern Syria. This relates to Turkey using the mainly defunct and ineffective Free Syrian Army (FSA) name while covertly using Islamist Takfiris from ISIS and other sectarian terrorist groups. Hence, NATO Turkey is allegedly using a proxy terrorist and mercenary force, in order to kill Kurds in Northern Syria.

The Independent reports that a former terrorist fighter from ISIS confirms the murky role of NATO Turkey. This media group reports that a former sectarian fighter told them “Most of those who are fighting in Afrin against the YPG [People’s Protection Units] are Isis, though Turkey has trained them to change their assault tactics.”

Of course, if the reports are true, and several videos appear to confirm this, then the news isn’t shocking. Indeed, the only shocking reality is why NATO tolerates such action by members of this military group. After all, it is known that from the outset of outside meddling into the affairs of Syria, that vast numbers of Sunni Islamic Takfiris entered Syria via the intrigues of NATO Turkey and other nations.

Equally, when ISIS tried to slaughter Kurds in Kobani (Northern Syria) in the past, then it was abundantly clear that Turkey freely tolerated ISIS to utilize areas being monitored openly by NATO Turkey. Indeed, journalists and media groups in Turkey who highlighted this faced the wrath of President Erdogan.

Videos and images showing the mutilation and humiliation of female and male Kurdish fighters who have been caught by FSA (ex-ISIS and other Takfiri sectarian terrorist groups) Islamists and mercenaries are further bringing NATO into disrepute. After all, how many terrorist intrigues by NATO Turkey is to be tolerated along with arresting journalists and vast numbers of citizens from this nation before NATO expels Turkey?

If continuing inaction by NATO continues, then all notions of protecting democracy will become a shambles. Hence, with NATO Turkey threatening to expand its operation in areas with US servicemen on the ground, then it is high time for America to take the high ground by protecting the Kurds. Equally, all NATO members should take collective action against Turkey, if members of this group are interested in protecting the reputation of NATO.

The attack against the Kurds in Afrin, reports The Independent, “…was led by the FSA, which is a largely defunct umbrella grouping of non-Jihadi Syrian rebels once backed by the West. Now, most of its fighters taking part in Turkey’s “Operation Olive Branch” were, until recently, members of Isis.”

It remains to be seen if America will put further pressure on Turkey by threatening to take real diplomatic action against a fellow NATO member unless this country pulls back from its ambition in Northern Syria. Yet, if President Trump of America does nothing to protect the Kurds in Afrin and other parts of Northern Syria, then this nation will look like “a paper tiger.”

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