NATO Turkey is bombing the Kurds and others while helping ISIS break free in Syria

NATO Turkey is bombing the Kurds and others while helping ISIS break free in Syria

Ramazan Khalidov and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times


NATO Turkey is intensifying its attack against the Kurds and other ethnic groups in Northern Syria while the international community just watches. The nations of America, Iran, and the Russian Federation are all behaving sheepishly, while NATO is once more ignoring such brutal bombings and killings by Turkey.

At the same time, NATO Turkey is even helping ISIS (Islamic State – IS) to break free from prisons and holding centers. This is based on bombing these places intentionally, in order for ISIS members to be able to escape.

Of course, since outside nations began to meddle in Syria, it was abundantly clear that Turkey was an open nation for international jihadists joining ISIS. Likewise, other Sunni Islamist Takfiri groups and mercenaries entered Northern Syria based on the rubber stamp of Turkey. In turn, this enabled international jihadists to link up with indigenous ISIS and al-Qaeda terrorist groups in Iraq and Syria.

Once more, America, a nation that began the destabilization of Syria along with other Gulf and NATO powers (notably France, Turkey, and the United Kingdom) turned to the Kurds to contain ISIS. Yet, the changing of American administrations and with ISIS being on the back foot because of Kurdish and other support, then America decided to bend to the demands of Turkey. Astonishingly, this happened despite Turkey humiliating NATO by turning to potent military weapon systems from the Russian Federation.

The upshot is that Turkey – emboldened by the sheepish nations of America, Iran, and the Russian Federation – is once more opening up a can of worms in Northern Syria. Equally disturbing, Turkey is helping ISIS to escape openly in front of the entire world by bombing prisons and holding centers. After all, Turkey knows that the Kurds and other loyal forces need to fight the onslaught of the armed forces of Turkey.

Hence, it is essential that the international community puts genuine restraints on NATO Turkey and this applies to immediate effect. If not, then not only will these democratic nations be shamed, but they will have the deaths of countless innocents on their collective hands. At the same time, NATO is shaming itself because unless it reigns in Turkey, then it means that NATO is tolerating a fellow member to ethnically cleanse the Kurds (and others) in Northern Syria.

Sadly, with each passing hour, more suffering is happening in Northern Syria along with ISIS being emboldened. Therefore, international pressure is needed immediately. If not, the consequences will be dire and the convulsions will reverberate for decades to come.

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