Netherlands Election Win for pro-Dutch Geert Wilders

Netherlands Election Win for pro-Dutch Geert Wilders

Sawako Utsumi and Chika Mori

Modern Tokyo Times

The Netherlands witnessed the nationalist party coming first in terms of percentage. Accordingly, the pro-Dutch Geert Wilders hopes to form a coalition government with other parties.

Polls have his Freedom Party (PVV) winning 37 seats – with the nearest left-wing alliance coming a distant second.

Wilders said, “The PVV can no longer be ignored… We will govern.”

However, Wilders will need to make compromises – and others – if he can form a coalition with at least a majority of 76 seats. The Netherlands Parliament has 150 seats.

The center-right liberal VVD came third. Henceforth, Dilan Yesilgöz seems open to forming a coalition with the PVV. This is based on her comment that the VVD is “available to turn this trust [of voters] into action.”

The BBC reports, “Although Ms Yesilgöz doubts Mr Wilders will be able to find the numbers he needs, she says it is up to her party colleagues to decide how to respond. Before the election she insisted she would not serve in a Wilders-led cabinet, but did not rule out working with him if she won.”

Lee Jay Walker says, “The anti-Islam theme branded about is rather ironic. After all, in Saudi Arabia, all non-Muslim holy places are banned. Also, apostates to any non-Muslim faith (Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, and so on) in Afghanistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, and many other Islamic Sharia law-based nations face prison. Therefore, the international community should challenge nations that trample on the rights of non-Muslims rather than brandishing nations that are fearful given the prevailing conditions.”

Wilders said he wanted the Netherlands to tackle the “tsunami of asylum and immigration” that is altering the cultural and religious traditions of the country.

Iran and Pakistan have just deported 500,0000 Afghan nationals to Afghanistan in the last two months. Hence, immigration is an issue that is debated from South Africa to Turkey and so forth.

Wilders said, “It’s enough now. The Netherlands can’t take it anymore. We have to think about our own people first now. Borders closed. Zero asylum-seekers…”

It remains to be seen if Wilders can form a coalition – if not, it will leave a sour taste in the democratic process of the Netherlands.

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