North Korea and U.S. crisis: Russian Federation calls for a Double Freeze by all Vested Parties

North Korea and U.S. crisis: Russian Federation calls for a Double Freeze by all Vested Parties

Noriko Watanabe and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

The Russian Federation is increasingly worried by rhetoric emanating from the two leaders of America and North Korea. Hence, the Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation, Sergei Lavrov, is urging restraint and to focus on a double freeze.

This double freeze relates to a plan formulated by China and the Russian Federation, whereby related players would abide by conditions that would reduce tensions. In other words, political and military elites in Pyongyang would abide by putting a freeze on its missile tests – while the governments of America and South Korea would relent on major military exercises by imposing a genuine moratorium.

Lavrov comments, “If this double freezing finally takes place, then we can sit down and start from the very beginning – to sign a paper which will stress respect for the sovereignty of all those parties involved, including North Korea”

Lavrov also expressed his dismay at rhetoric emanating out of Washington and Pyongyang. Indeed, the rhetoric in recent days is growing. Therefore, it is essential that both parties relent and focus on the need to reduce tensions before events spiral out of control.

The Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation said, Direct threats of using force are heard… The talk (in Washington) is that there must be a preventive strike made on North Korea, while Pyongyang is threatening to carry out a missile strike on the U.S. base in Guam. These (threats) continue non-stop, and they worry us a lot.”

Hopefully, the leaders of America and North Korea will listen to regional nations and pull back from the brink.

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