North Korea Covid-19 crisis might create minor solidarity with South Korea

North Korea Covid-19 crisis might create minor solidarity with South Korea

Noriko Watanabe and Chika Mori

Modern Tokyo Times

North Korea is facing its first major crisis concerning the international coronavirus (Covid-19) crisis. Thus, the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un (Kim Jong-un), is being outspoken and warning the people of this nation that dark days lay ahead.

He accused government officials of acting inappropriately concerning the growing spread of the coronavirus in North Korea. Kim lambasted government officials for being “immature” and not taking responsibility.

Kim uttered, “The crisis facing us offered a test board to distinguish between merits and demerits of all working systems of our state.”

Kim also said, “The spread of the malignant epidemic is a great turmoil to fall on our country since its founding.”

The BBC reports, “North Koreans are likely to be especially vulnerable to the virus due to lack of vaccinations and a poor healthcare system. A nationwide lockdown is in place in the reclusive country.”

The Guardian reports, “It recorded 269,510 additional cases and six more deaths, bringing the total number killed to 56 since late last month. About 1.48 million people have become ill with the virus since the first case was reported last Thursday and at least 663,910 people were in quarantine, according to official figures. The outbreak is almost certainly greater than the official tally, given a lack of tests and resources to monitor and treat the sick.”

Lee Jay Walker says, “However, it is easy to overstate the poor healthcare system of North Korea. After all, America is the biggest economic power on the planet (despite its enormous debt) but the only nation to surpass over 1 million coronavirus deaths. Therefore, with many poorer nations having better successes than wealthier nations, it seems that the response of North Korea and how it locks down is of paramount importance.”

South Korea is offering to support North Korea during this challenging period. Hence, despite the depressing news of the coronavirus spreading throughout North Korea, this might provide a silver lining in the relations between North Korea and South Korea. Therefore, it is hoped that North Korea and South Korea will work closely together concerning vaccines, knowledge, health care support, and other important areas.

The President of South Korea, Yoon Suk-yeol, said, “If North Korea responds (to our support), we will spare no medicines including COVID-19 vaccines, medical equipment, and health personnel.” 

If this happens – then it should improve ties between both nations and provide minor solidarity.

North Korea is likely to turn to China for medical support during this difficult time. The Russian Federation and other nations will also offer assistance. However, it is hoped that North Korea and South Korea will build bridges during this difficult period.


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