North Korea should Open Up to the New Leader of South Korea: Military Talks Proposed

North Korea should Open Up to the New Leader of South Korea: Military Talks Proposed 

Chika Mori and Lee Jay Walker 

Modern Tokyo Times

The new leader of South Korea, President Moon Jae-in, is hoping to stabilize the Korean Peninsula by talking openly with North Korea. In order to achieve this, tentative steps and measures are being taken by the new government of South Korea since Moon became elected.

Hence, political overtures by South Korea towards North Korea are being made to political and military elites in Pyongyang. Of course, it is not known if North Korea will reciprocate in full despite it being in the interest of both nations. After all, if North Korea and South Korea fail to reach accommodation then the role of America will further complicate matters – especially with North Korea acting more wayward in recent times.

The New York Times reports, If the talks take place, they will be the first military-to-military dialogue since 2014. It is an attempt to ease tensions along a heavily armed border, and perhaps to arrange the resumption of reunions of families divided decades ago by the Korean War. But North Korea did not immediately respond, and such conversations have a dismal history since military officials on both sides are usually not empowered to negotiate significant agreements.”

The leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un, needs to show political maturity – rather than saber rattling – because instability in Northeast Asia isn’t in the interest of any regional nation. Moon, a person known for sincerity, believes that dialogue is the only way forward in relation to the nuclear weapons program of North Korea and other military issues. Yet, Moon, while showing the hand of compromise, will not wilt if confronted with endless military posturing by North Korea. Therefore, Kim – and military elites in North Korea – needs to take a step back and reciprocate.

In an earlier article by Modern Tokyo Times, it was stated, It is known that Moon is more diplomatic towards North Korea based on past political actions. However, the current leader of North Korea is alarmingly unstable compared with the former leader of this nation during the optimistic period of the “Sunshine Policy.” Hence, Moon will respond to the shifting sands in North Korea, while being more open to talks if Pyongyang takes a more diplomatic approach. This applies to North Korea stepping back from over focusing on weapons of mass destruction and endless rhetoric.” 

America, China, Japan, and the Russian Federation, are all watching events on the Korean Peninsula from different perspectives and concerns. Hence, it is hoped that North Korea will defuse the situation by listening to the new Moon administration in South Korea. If not, then hawks in America may not remain patient if similar hawks in North Korea refuse to desist from upping the military ante.

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