North Korea weapons program: Japan and its anti-China and anti-Russia stance

North Korea weapons program: Japan and its anti-China and anti-Russia stance

Sawako Utsumi and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

The government of Japan is increasingly adopting anti-China and anti-Russian Federation policies. Concerning North Korea, little changes because Japan and North Korea haven’t trusted each other since the founding of North Korea in 1948. Therefore, the convulsions of Japanese Imperialism that was extremely brutal to regional nations (China and Korea) – and the legacy of the Korean War (1950-1953) – entailed that North Korea would seek an alternative and a relatively isolationist path.

Until recently – and even when Communist China felt the convulsions of Tiananmen Square – Japan didn’t apply regional hostile policies to a great extent. Instead, Japan’s main focus was on economics.

Hence, unlike South Korea, which sent hundreds of thousands of soldiers to help America against Vietnam, Japan didn’t involve itself. However, the recent administrations in Japan are once more utilizing nationalism and adopting hostile policies to regional nations. Hence, the last two administrations of Yoshihide Suga and the current leader Fumio Kishida – have pushed the anti-China (Suga) and anti-Russian Federation (Kishida) agenda. Therefore, from Ukraine to Taiwan – the recent administrations in Japan are following the mantra of America – concerning anti-China and anti-Russian Federation policies.

North Korea and South Korea, despite being wary of each other, also share one theme. They equally don’t trust Japan related to the historical legacy of Japanese Imperialism. However, South Korea’s military modernization is aimed at North Korea and the fear of a future war on the Korean Peninsula and isn’t aimed at Japan.

North Korea is modernizing its military program aimed at America, Japan, and South Korea – even if North Korea and South Korea seek to break the negative impasse from time to time. Hence, Japan’s increasing assertiveness in Northeast Asia on the coattails of America concerning China and the Russian Federation – is leading North Korea to upgrade its military capability at a rapid pace.

After all, North Korea understands that America, Japan, and NATO nations are seeking to destroy the economy of the Russian Federation concerning the crisis in Ukraine. At the same time, America, Japan, and NATO members are providing economic assistance to Ukraine – irrespective of direct military or economic assistance – this ultimately leads to more soldiers from the Russian Federation dying.

Yonhap News Agency said, “North Korea said Friday that it successfully test-fired a new intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), called the Hwasong-17, the previous day on the direct order of its leader Kim Jong-un.”

Voice of America reports, “Experts say the missile North Korea launched on Thursday involved a full flight test of an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) with the potential for carrying multiple nuclear warheads and capable of targeting any location in the United States.”

The leader of North Korea said, “Strategic Force of the DPRK is fully ready to thoroughly check and contain any dangerous military attempt of the U.S. imperialists… the new strategic weapon of the DPRK will clearly show the might of our strategic force to the whole world once again.”

The questions for Japan are (1) does the country feel better protected by involving itself in Taiwan and Ukraine concerning pro-America objectives and adopting anti-China and anti-Russian Federation policies – (2) also, does Japan feel more secure with China, North Korea, and the Russian Federation enhancing certain angles to their military capabilities because of the fear of America – for example, nuclear weapons and hypersonic weapons – (3) or would Japan feel more secure if the nation remained close to America but adopting policies to reach out to China, North Korea, and the Russian Federation?


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