Osaka and Tokyo Fashion News: Guess and Frank & Eileen

Osaka and Tokyo Fashion News: Guess and Frank & Eileen

Michel Lebon and Kanako Itamae

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Another year begins in the vibrant fashion scene of Japan and already in the first half of 2014 it is clear that many new changes have happened. This applies to brand expansions, new brands entering the Japanese market, new trends, design innovations and other essential areas. Therefore, fashion lovers in the land of the rising sun have much to look forward to in this extremely competitive sector.

The brand “GUESS” returned to Japan based on the powerful Japanese “apple pie.” Obviously, the buzzing cities of Tokyo and Osaka were primed in for this expansion. However, other parts of Japan will witness the growing influence of this brand in time.

GUESS opened up for business in the delightful fashion districts of Namba in Osaka and in Harajuku in Tokyo. Namba in Osaka is a twenty-four hour city because of various areas related to entertainment. Also, true to the nature of Namba, the fashion scene caters for a broad array of different styles and Namba ladies certainly have their own independent vibes. Therefore, many fashion lovers in Namba will now be able to explore the new GUESS outlet in Namba Parks that opened in March this year.

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Not surprisingly, the GUESS outlet in Tokyo is located in the stylish district of Harajuku. Likewise, the GUESS outlet is based in the iconic Laforet Harajuku department store, whereby fashion lovers can feel the independent vibes of this major fashion district in the heart of Tokyo. GUESS also opened up for business in Canal City Hakata in Fukuoko. These three new ventures opened between late February and the middle of March this year therefore it will be interesting to see how each store does later this year. Also, the stores in Namba and Canal City Hakata will focus heavily on females while still catering for men.

Frank & Eileen, another American brand like Guess, opened its first flagship store in Tokyo. This store was opened recently in Sendagaya in Tokyo. The design of the store is based on the settings of an Irish pub therefore this will intrigue many fashion lovers in Tokyo.

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The brand Frank & Eileen is located near Ron Herman in Sendagaya in Tokyo. This makes complete sense because both brands are fully interwoven within The Sazaby League.

On The Sazaby League website it comments about Frank & Eileen by stating: “The shirt brand loved by many a celebrity in California over the years is named after designer Audrey McLoghlin’s grandparents from Ireland. The year of their marriage, 1947, also appears on the brand logo.”

Therefore, while the new opening may be based on the trends of America and Japan respectively, it is also clear that the rich traditions of Ireland are embedded within the philosophy of this brand. This is notable when checking the highlighted language on their website. Overall, both respective brands highlight the vibrant nature of the fashion scene in Japan.

Lee Jay Walker gave guidance to both main writers GUESS Frank & Eileen – The Sazaby League Canal City Hakata Laforet Harajuku Namba Parks in Osaka

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