Osaka clinic arsonist and murder suspect of 25 people dies

Osaka clinic arsonist and murder suspect of 25 people dies

Kanako Mita and Sawako Utsumi

Modern Tokyo Times

The brutal murder suspect of the Osaka Clinic fire died today from injuries that occurred from his act of murder. In total, the suspected arsonist and murderer, Morio Tanimoto, killed 25 people after deliberately setting fire to a clinic that caters to psychiatric cases.

On the morning of December 17, people sought help from this clinic. However, the arsonist and murderer not only set fire to the clinic but also blocked escape routes. Therefore, this heinous crime is beyond comprehension.

The BBC reported, “Rescue officials were alerted to the fire on Friday morning, and it was successfully extinguished 30 minutes later after it burned across an area of approximately 20 sqm (215 sq ft), said the local fire department.”

The suspected arsonist and killer never recovered from the brutal fire he created. Hence, he passed away today from carbon monoxide poisoning just below two weeks later.

Family and friends of the victims will have mixed emotions on knowing that the arsonist and murderer succumbed to the deeds he did. After all, some individuals will be perturbed that he escaped the long punishment that awaited him in prison. Others will have wanted answers to the heinous crime committed by Morio Tanimoto. However, for some, immediate closure will have occurred while they try to somehow focus on life without their respective loved ones.

Some reports claim that the killer in Osaka had been influenced – or sought a copycat – by the tragic events of 2019 in Kyoto. This concerns the animation arsonist attack that killed 36 people.

Reuters reports, “An arson attack at an animation studio in the city of Kyoto in 2019 killed 36 people and injured dozens. A 2001 fire at a building in Tokyo’s Kabukicho entertainment district killed 44 people.”


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