Pakistan Christians Get No Justice: Muslims who Burnt Christian Homes and Churches are Acquitted

Pakistan Christians Get No Justice: Muslims who Burnt Christian Homes and Churches are Acquitted

Murad Makhmudov and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Religious minorities in Pakistan were once more betrayed by a biased system that tolerates the destruction of Christian homes and Christian churches. In 2013, the Christian area of Joseph Colony was devastated when a crowd of approximately 3,000 Muslims set the area on fire. This led to the Christian community fleeing after over 150 Christian properties were burnt to the ground and two Christian churches destroyed. All this was done based on an alleged blasphemy comment against the prophet of Islam.

In other words, religious minorities, including minority Muslim sects in Pakistan, are often targeted based on the most whimsical charges of hearsay. The daily persecution suffered by Christians, Hindus, Sikhs, and Muslim minority sects, is endless in Pakistan. Similarly, the Shia Muslim community faces endless bouts of Sunni Islamist terrorism and Christian holy places also face being attacked. At the same time, Christian and Hindu women face being raped and kidnapped and being converted to Sunni Islam.

Therefore, the acquittal of Muslims in 2017 who ransacked Christian properties and Christian churches in 2013 isn’t a surprise. After all, the government of Pakistan was instrumental in the rise of the Taliban and the nation state knows full well that militant Sunni Islamist schools are indoctrinating and sowing the seeds of hate.

The New York Times in 2013 reported, An enraged Muslim crowd attacked a Christian neighborhood in Lahore on Saturday, setting fire to more than 150 houses and 2 churches, in a new display of religious intolerance as Pakistan reels from violent persecution against other minorities.”

In 2009, Muslims based on similar alleged blasphemy charges attacked Christian homes. This attack resulted in a mass atrocity against a Christian family called Hameed because Muslims burnt six family members alive and killed the grandfather by shooting him dead. The burnt alive Christians included Umaya aged 13 and Musa aged 6.

The New York Times in 2009 reported, The blistered black walls of the Hameed family’s bedroom tell of an unspeakable crime. Seven family members died here on Saturday, six of them burned to death by a mob that had broken into their house and shot the grandfather dead, just because they were Christian.”

Turning back to the acquittal of 115 Muslims who burnt Christian properties and Christian churches in 2013, the Pakistan Christian Post says, “The photos of Muslim attackers were captured and appeared in national print media and broadcasted by electronic media burning homes and damaging households but police not presented that evidence during court proceedings to save Muslim culprits.”

Once more, Christians in Pakistan are being told that they are dhimmis and liable to face the sword of Islam without any recompense in the courts of this nation.

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