Peru Protests Against President Boluarte

Peru Protests Against President Boluarte

Kanako Mita and Sawako Utsumi

Modern Tokyo Times

Anti-government protests against President Dina Boluarte took place in Peru. Accordingly, the state apparatus under Boluarte deployed approximately 24,000 police officers.

Protesters seek the removal of Boluarte and for her to be held accountable for previous deaths in past protests since the ousting of Pedro Castillo.

Reuters reports, “Many Peruvians accuse Boluarte and her allies of illegitimately removing and jailing her leftist predecessor Pedro Castillo, which led to angry and sometimes violent protests through last March that claimed 67 lives. The unrest comes during longstanding disgust over rampant poverty and deep inequality that has persisted even as the nation has grown wealthier.”

Boluarte called for a “peaceful march” outside of “violence, chaos, or crisis” that endangers the nation.

Anti-government forces demand the drafting of a new Peruvian constitution, for the Congress to be dissolved, and for Boluarte to resign.

Indigenous issues need addressing in Peru and wealth inequality.

Accordingly, politicians on all sides need to break free from rhetoric and seek to solve the complex areas that blight the country.

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