Pfizer jab in Japan: One in 6,000 with acute allergic reaction in early results

Pfizer jab in Japan: One in 6,000 with acute allergic reaction in early results

Kanako Mita and Chika Mori

Modern Tokyo Times

Japan is witnessing a much higher anaphylaxis reaction to the Pfizer vaccine jab than similar reports in America and the United Kingdom. Thus one in six thousand health care workers have reported various degrees of an acute allergic reaction after taking the vaccine.

All 25 individuals recovered from the roughly 148,000 health workers who have been vaccinated. Yet, with the figure being higher than other nations, worries abound if the same numbers of vaccines had been administered to more vulnerable groups.

Of course, allergic reactions happen to various degrees in all major vaccination programs. Yet with little knowledge of the longevity of each vaccination, the long-term side effects with trials being limited in timescale based on the emergency angle, or if vaccines will work against other stronger coronavirus (Covid-19) variants – then monitoring is needed.

Other vaccinations including Sputnik V appear milder based on a more traditional approach. This isn’t meant to undermine the Pfizer jab – or others.

Regards the Sputnik V jab, the BBC reports, “It uses a cold-type virus, engineered to be harmless, as a carrier to deliver a small fragment of the coronavirus to the body…Safely exposing the body to part of the virus’s genetic code in this way allows it to recognize the threat and learn to fight it off, without risking becoming ill.”

Other vaccinations, including Janssen (developed in Belgium) and Oxford/AstraZeneca (developed in the United Kingdom), follow a similar approach taken by Sputnik V. Meanwhile, more vaccines will continue to enter the market this year including oral vaccines – thus with few deaths in Japan then many individuals will take “a wait and see approach.”

On the current Pfizer scale, then 5 acute allergic reactions in America per one million people and 20 cases per one million in the United Kingdom have been confirmed. If Japan follows the early model of 25 acute allergic reactions per 150,000 vaccinations, then this will equate to approximately 166 cases per million. Therefore, with deaths in Japan being 66 per one million people the urgency is low in Japan outside the economic angle; unlike in America and the United Kingdom with approximately 667,000 deaths between both nations where vaccination role-outs are essential.

Thus many people in Japan will wait for clearer vaccination information before selecting the appropriate vaccine. While a majority of people in Japan will follow government guidelines and the vaccine program that is being implemented.

Of course, all nations have individuals opposed to taking vaccines.



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