PM Abe and the Immigration Card: European Wasteland and Internal Poverty Awaits

PM Abe and the Immigration Card: European Wasteland and Internal Poverty Awaits

Michiyo Tanabe and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times


Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is highlighting the reality that political elites, are just political elites, and it matters not if allegedly conservative or socialist because “they all bat on the same immigration side.” The mantra of “high skilled labor” to “low skilled labor” is both aimed at reducing the indigenous to shadows. Not surprisingly, for example, males belonging to the white working class in the United Kingdom are enormously underperforming in educational tables because they simply don’t count. Therefore, for many Japanese people who are already struggling to make a living, they will soon follow the globalization mantra that “your indigenous aspirations don’t count.”

After all, when your nation believes in taking in highly skilled labor it is stating openly “the nation state no longer is focused on educating the indigenous to be trained to the highest level.” Of course, for the privileged class, then this will not challenge the status quo but for indigenous Japanese that seek to break down barriers, then completion will be more closed based on the nation state taking the rich pickings of endless international labor. It is equally galling, that the same Abe government, just like past political leaders in this nation, is doing so little to address the demographic time-bomb because helping the working poor – and altering the working environment – is just too much hassle to help the indigenous.

If Japan really believes that modern France and Germany are on the right track, then Japan is to be pitted. In truth, it is unimaginable to think what will happen in these nations by the middle of the twentieth-first century. The only premise that is aimed for by the ruling elites in these nations is to dilute indigenous culture, indoctrinate the younger generation into guilt trips, accept areas of enormous crime, an increasing flow of Sunni Islamic terrorism, and create a Balkanized state of discontent that is ignored by the compliant politically correct class.

Abe is looking across the spectrum on how to increase labor at both ends by filling the void based on international workers. In other words, be it cheap labor to high-end labor the result is the same. The issue in this article is about fast-tracking the permanent-resident status to one year for professionals of high skilled labor. However, it is just a negation of the nation state in accepting that training the indigenous is no longer deemed the target. Therefore, the slippery slope begins whereby quick international labor will be the easy answer and in time the aspirations of ordinary Japanese nationals will be cut-off. Hence, the absolute betrayal of the nation state of the United Kingdom in abandoning the white working class, for example in educational terms they are falling further behind all and sundry.

The Daily Telegraph reports, “In a statement, the EHRC (Equality and Human Rights Commission) said: “Being poor now has a far more negative impact on the education of white children than it does for any other ethnic group… “Poor white boys suffer higher rates of exclusion from school and achieve the lowest academic results, making them less likely to enter higher education and therefore more likely to end up in lower-paid, insecure jobs.”

Abe is confirming that Japan – like endless nations before – is no longer focused on educating the indigenous to fill the gaps that are needed in the labor market. Instead, an endless supply of international foreign labor – in this case, high-end professionals – will be the norm to fill the gap. In other words, Japan will increasingly follow a model that is setting off alarm bells among the disenfranchised in nations from America to the United Kingdom, from France to Germany. Hence the recent electoral results involving President-elect Donald Trump and the Brexit vote in the United Kingdom.

If Abe focused more on helping the alarmingly low birthrate in Japan and the need for educational institutions to fill the void in the workforce, then he may have some merits in filling a short-term void based on the failings of past Japanese leaders. Yet, it is apparent that his focus is on expanding the population of Japan based on immigration just like several European nations. Therefore, just like the white and Afro-American working class in America, sharing the same white working class male fate in the United Kingdom, then falling further behind based on an endless stream of immigration awaits Japanese nationals. Even worse, the aspirations from an already discriminated part of the population will gather in pace in Japan. After all, how can you compete with an endless supply of high-end international professionals when you have been abandoned in the first place?


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