PM Abe of Japan Grovels to the anti-Human Rights nation of Saudi Arabia

PM Abe of Japan Grovels to the anti-Human Rights nation of Saudi Arabia

Noriko Watanabe and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Cabinet officials including Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga, just like major Japanese companies, are intent on groveling to the most draconian nation in the world called Saudi Arabia. Indeed, females in North Korea have more rights than women do in Saudi Arabia because Saudi females face being whipped for merely not covering up from head to toe. Also, unlike Saudi Arabia, it isn’t North Korea that is fueling anti-Non-Muslim and anti-Shia Muslim fervor throughout the world. Instead, it is the feudal nation of Saudi Arabia where Salafi Islam is branching out to all areas of the earth based on Gulf petrodollars. This reality exists because of a plethora of wealthy Saudi individuals, preachers of Salafi hate, organizations, and educational facilities that espouse hatred.

At the same time, the alliance led by Saudi Arabia is systematically bombing Yemen and destroying the entire infrastructure. Of course, much of this is based on the rise of Shia Muslim forces in this nation and because some Yemeni political leaders don’t want to be lackeys of Saudi Arabia. Hence, malnutrition is a real problem in Yemen based on the Saudi Arabian-led bombing campaign against this nation. Also, an already weak healthcare infrastructure lies in ruins based on Saudi’s disdain towards the Shia.  Similar anti-Shia Muslim zealotry in Saudi Arabia is also behind the involvement of this nation in Bahrain in order to crush the marginalized Shia.

Despite this, and the nation of Saudi Arabia not even tolerating one Buddhist temple or Shinto shrine, Suga shamelessly said that Saudi Arabia is “the linchpin of the Middle East.”

Abe bizarrely said that Japan will “vigorously advance its ties with Saudi Arabia, which is the linchpin of stability in the Middle East.”

This statement by Abe that Saudi Arabia is the bastion of stability in the Middle East is shockingly false. Indeed, during the King of Saudi Arabia’s stay in Japan, it is clear that more women and children will be killed by the Saudi Arabia led bombing campaign of Yemen. At the same time, Saudi Arabia not only boosted the forces of Sunni Islamist sectarians in Iraq, Syria, and Yemen, but countless Saudi terrorist nationals have been killed in Syria. Therefore, the forces of al-Qaeda and ISIS (Islamic State – IS) became part of the shadows of Saudi Arabia in the area of geopolitics – giving the notion of clamping down on internal terrorism based on exporting it.

In other words, leading Japanese politicians, just like major companies including Softbank and a plethora of others, are all turning their backs on any notion of respecting human rights when it comes to pursuing Gulf petrodollars. Ironically, Japan is famous for the auto sector but in Saudi Arabia women are forbidden from driving cars. Of course, Japan is no different from America, China, Germany, Malaysia, the United Kingdom, and all nations who trade and encourage the brutal feudal monarchy of Saudi Arabia. Despite this, it is galling when politicians are praising such a brutal regime and the same applies to accepting such an opulent delegation. Equally galling, major companies in Japan and the government of this nation seek to safeguard the future of such tyranny based on increasing economic ties. Hence, all language iterated by Japan towards North Korea is just shallow manipulation.

It is clear that democratic nations all over the world are extremely selective when it comes to human rights. Similarly, major corporations are extremely hypocritical. Given this reality, it is unrealistic for Japan to be any different. However, “laying out the red carpet” for such a brutal feudal monarchy is overstepping the mark and the same applies to senior Japanese politicians praising this nation.

Associated Press says, “The two leaders agreed to promote Japanese investment, research and manufacturing, possibly through special economic zones. They also agreed to seek a possible share listing of Saudi Aramco, the state-run oil company that is being partially privatized, on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. The two countries also will cooperate in promoting renewable energy as well as seawater desalination by Japanese companies.”

Until nations stand up to the underhanded dealings of Saudi Arabia that happen to be promoting sectarianism and spreading hatred far and wide, then little will change internally in this nation. Press

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