PM Conte of Italy to lift the coronavirus lockdown: A calculated risk

PM Conte of Italy to lift the coronavirus lockdown: A calculated risk

Sawako Utsumi and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte of Italy is rolling back lockdown measures. Conte knows the risk he is taking because coronavirus (Covid-19) infections could increase. However, like all nations hit by the crisis, the economic and social angle must be weighed up.

The most brazen risk is allowing nationals from the European Union (EU) to travel to Italy without any two-week quarantine. Albeit many areas of the EU are stabilizing. For example, central European nations including Austria, Czechia, Hungary, and Slovakia are recovering.

However, in the last 24 hours, more than 3,000 new cases of coronavirus have been reported in three EU nations. This applies to Belgium (345), Germany (548), and Spain (2.138). Indeed, in Italy, another 153 people died bringing the death toll to 31,763 and another 875 new infections.

Conte also warned “the contagion curve” could shoot up again because of the precarious nature of the coronavirus crisis. Yet he knows the economic angle is dire. Also, other issues like mental health and schooling are extremely important. Therefore, for some Italians, it will be too soon because of fear. However, for others, it is needed based on economic issues and enormous pressure related to the lockdown.

Conte uttered, “We’re facing a calculated risk, knowing that the epidemiological curve could rise again.”

He continued, “We have to accept it otherwise we will never be able to start up again.”

Hence, sporting centers, gyms, and swimming pools will reopen on 25 May. By the middle of June, entertainment areas will be opened. This includes cinemas and theaters. Meanwhile, internal travel and opening Italy up to EU nations will begin on 3 June.

Conte said that Italy couldn’t wait for a vaccine before kick-starting the economy and society. He uttered, “We would end up with a strongly damaged economic and social structure.”


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