PM Erdogan of Turkey is a Threat to Democracy: Haramzadeler and Media Manipulation

PM Erdogan of Turkey is a Threat to Democracy: Haramzadeler and Media Manipulation

Nuray Lydia Oglu, Noriko Watanabe and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times


Turkey under Prime Minister Erdogan, alias “The Great Leader Erdogan,” is moving the nation into the orbit of Central Asia whereby leaders dictate from high. The corruption scandal just like numerous serious issues are all being dealt with by manipulation and abusing power mechanisms in order to usurp the truth. Thankfully, a certain “Haramzadeler” is not taking this sitting down irrespective of the intentions of this individual/group. Therefore, it is hoped that a backbone within the institutions will arise whereby Erdogan and other cronies will be held accountable for destroying the reputation of Turkey.

The European Union and America appear to be mainly looking in the wrong direction, just like Turkey is looking in the wrong direction when al-Qaeda affiliates and other sectarians enter Syria freely. Of course, unlike the Ukraine, which is aimed at the Russian Federation, the European Union and America doesn’t want to openly attack the intrigues of Erdogan. In other words, major powerful nations are also shaming themselves by placating Erdogan and his deconstruction approach towards democracy.

Since the middle of December in 2013 a major corruption scandal erupted in Turkey and since this period the anti-democratic dynamics of Erdogan is in full swing.  Prosecutors and police officers involved in the original probe have been dismissed. At the same time, appropriate laws were amended in order to enable the diktat of Erdogan. Not only this, individuals who were suspected of being part of the original probe have also been re-assigned. In other words, the police, judges and prosecutors have been crushed by the authoritarian whims of “The Great Leader Erdogan.”

Al Monitor says: “A media blackout has been imposed on the probe. The justice minister has sent back prosecution reports incriminating ministers, instead of passing them to parliament for further action. In short, the probe has been blocked.”

Despite this, Haramzadeler continues to leak out powerful wiretaps despite the ill intentions of elites within the Erdogan government. Indeed, the truth behind Haramzadeler remains up in the air – a powerful individual, a major group disillusioned with corruption or moles from within the upper echelons ? Irrespective of this it is clear that Haramzadeler is highlighting the murky reality of Erdogan.

Indeed, it is high time that the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) did more to challenge Erdogan because their silence, or lack of transparency, is also tainting politicians linked to this political party. After all, when Erdogan desired draconian anti-internet laws the ruling party just rubber stamped the demands of their authoritarian leader. It is high time for elites within the AKP to wake up to Erdogan because he will drag the entire party down with him. Also, if the AKP continues to rubber stamp the whims of Erdogan, then clearly this political movement is showing its anti-democratic credentials openly. Therefore, when will enough become enough for the AKP?

The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe commented about the new anti-internet laws in Turkey by stating the new powers meant Turkey’s telecommunications agency would be able to “gather communications data about all internet users without any legal limits or restrictions.” And with users “never…able to know when and how this information is gathered.”

Turning back to the ongoing corruption scandal in Turkey then Al Monitor reports “In another leaked recording, Erdogan calls Haberturk again — this time to chide it for airing live a speech MHP leader Devlet Bahceli is making in parliament. Haberturk ends the broadcast immediately.” 

“A third recording reveals the prime minister was unhappy with a report in Haberturk newspaper critical of health services. The article — headlined “Is this Turkey’s new age in health care?” — recounts the plight of a sick toddler denied proper access to medical care. Erdogan tells Sarac that the report does injustice to government efforts to improve health services. Following the call, three journalists involved in writing and editing the report were fired.”

Todays Zaman reports about an alleged media scandal involving Erdogan and several members of his family. It is stated: Haramzadeler wrote that the acquisition of the Turkuvaz Media Group seems to have been done by Zirve Holding on paper. “Zirve Holding was registered in the İstanbul Chamber of Commerce [İTO] on Aug 23, 2013. The chairman of the company, the capital of which is TL 380 million, seems to be Ömer Faruk Kalyoncu in the İTO registries. It is known by everyone that Kalyoncu may not acquire Turkuvaz Media Group with such little capital,” he wrote in his twitter messages, and claimed that legally recorded tapes exist to prove the operations to convince businessmen and pour money for the purchase.”

“Haramzadeler also asserted that the flow of money was followed by Erdoğan’s son, Bilal Erdoğan, and Berat Albayrak and that a bribe of 10 percent was taken from this money. According to a list provided by Haramzadeler, the names of the businessmen who transferred money to contribute to the purchase of the Turkuvaz Media are M.C., C.K., N.Ö., H.Ö., M.N., A.Ç., İ.Ç. and A.T.”

In truth, Erdogan continues to alienate Turkey regionally based on his “Big Brother mentality” and now he is dragging democracy into the dustbin in this nation. Even loyal supporters of the AKP must question the political elites that they are electing.


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