PM Kishida is fine with America’s reckless violence: Russia and Japan

PM Kishida is fine with America’s reckless violence: Russia and Japan

Noriko Watanabe and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

The nationalist sentiment inside the ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) – that usually governs Japan decade after decade bar the odd hiccup – is increasingly hostile to China and the Russian Federation. However, Japan is fine decade after decade with America killing outwardly in countless wars – or by using proxies including right-wing death squads concerning Operation Condor in South America. Therefore, similar to Japan not worrying about the West Papuans being crushed by Indonesia – or the Saudi-led coalition that is killing in Yemen – it is apparent that various nations get a free pass by Japan.

Prime Minister Fumio Kishida is following on from the increasing nationalist angle within the upper echelons of the ruling LDP. Hence, the anti-China and anti-Russian Federation mantra is in full flow. Therefore, political elites in Tokyo are turning against the Russian Federation in accordance with America – similar to increasing statements aimed at China concerning Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Kishida said, “We will show that a reckless act of violence comes with a huge price.”

He continued, “The international community’s relationship with Russia can no longer be the same as before.”

Kishida also condemned the Russian Federation concerning international law. He said, “We will work closely with the G7 nations and the rest of the international community to strongly urge Russia to immediately withdraw its forces and comply with international law.” 

Modern Tokyo Times recently said, “If Japan was principled and put sanctions on America for dropping Agent Orange on Vietnam, supporting right-wing death squads via Operation Condor in South America, supporting the massacres of untold numbers in Indonesia (killing vast numbers of communists, ethnic cleansing in East Timor, ethnic cleansing in West Papua), and the bombing of Iraq (false flag and weapons of mass destruction), Libya, and destabilizing many nations including Syria: then Japan would be deemed principled. However, the deaths of millions of people concerning the above conflicts on several continents by America barely raised an eyebrow in Japan.”

Shinzo Abe, who led Japan twice in recent history and who remains extremely influential within the ruling LDP, recently said, “A Taiwan emergency is a Japan emergency. That is, it’s an emergency for the US-Japan alliance as well.”

NATO expansion aimed at the Russian Federation and America’s containment policies of China fits nicely with nationalist tendencies that are growing within the ruling LDP. Hence, from Abe, Yoshihide Suga, and the current leader Kishida: the mantra of Taiwan and now anti-Russian Federation comments are getting louder behind the coattails of America, the G-7, NATO, and the European Union.

The Russian Federation is faced with the expansion of NATO, the European Union sending military support to Ukraine, and having its economy devastated. At the same time, the Russian Federation knows that American bases are spread far and wide throughout Japan and South Korea. Therefore, Kishida’s anti-Russian Federation stance will set off alarm bells in Moscow.

Modern Tokyo Times recently said, “Japan had few qualms about Kosovo being taken away by force from Serbia. This happened after NATO nations – including America – bombed Serbia (former Yugoslavia). Neither did Japan accuse America of breaking international law concerning right-wing death squads for several decades in South America, Agent Orange on Vietnam, and more recent military intrigues against Iraq, Libya, and Syria. Hence, Japan is “a useful parrot” for America, similar to other nations, who rubber stamp America’s deeds on several continents.”

It is apparent to political elites in China and the Russian Federation that since America enacted its containment policy of China – along with NATO expansion and encouraging Ukraine to join – that Japan is increasingly shifting from seeking diplomacy to antagonizing China and the Russian Federation.

Kishida not only forgets history from decades ago (Vietnam and Agent Orange to Operation Condor that killed vast numbers in several South American countries) but also recent history concerning America bombing Iraq, Libya, and destabilizing several nations including Syria. Therefore, America’s “reckless act of violence” – similar to other Japanese allies including Indonesia (West Papua), Saudi Arabia (Yemen), and the United Kingdom (Iraq, Libya, and others) – are deemed appropriate by Japan.


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