Poetry and the liberals will reap what they sow: The Toad Fears the Death Knell of Europe

Poetry and the liberals will reap what they sow: The Toad Fears the Death Knell of Europe

Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

The toad did not fear death
On the contrary, the fear was not resting on his native soil
Every day another ship arrives and ruins his paradise

Feeling forlorn, the toad moves to the countryside with a big sigh
Knowing the time bomb will force him to become history on the periphery
He prays and seeks a new day before his culture is turned into hay

However, Europe is in disarray to the toad’s utter dismay
Knowing past history the toad cries out for rational thinking
Yet, the politically correct want the indigenous to keep on shrinking

Pacing up and down the toad is looking for a new crown
But the liberals are nothing but clowns
Sharia is now reaching far and wide so soon the dhimmis can’t hide

The toad contacted a distant friend in the east
“Oh my,” he said while shaking his head
His friend then whispered, “Buddha was cut down long ago” so the liberals will reap what they sow

The toad cried like the invisible Armenian in his native land
Then a vision occurred without any blurs
Fast-forwarding a few decades then Kosovo and Northern Cyprus was all around based on Orthodox Christian churches being put into the ground

Now the children of the cross were at a loss
The Buddha also wept because year zero was on its way to his complete dismay
Another Afghanistan and Pakistan awaited based on the destruction of the Buddhist and Hindu past

Hence, the toad begins to plot before the indigenous becomes nothing more than just a blot
“Another strengthening of Vienna,” the toad cries out
If not, a new dawn will turn the clock back to a new Alexandria and Nalanda so Europe must no longer pander with the cry of “no surrender!”

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