President Bashar al-Assad Warned Against the Folly of Gulf and NATO Powers

President Bashar al-Assad Warned Against the Folly of Gulf and NATO Powers

Helmut Joachim Schmidt, Murad Makhmudov and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

A supporter of Lebanon's Hezbollah waves a Syrian flag depicting Syria's President Bashar al-Assad as other supporters wave Hezbollah flags

President Bashar al-Assad of Syria warned the international community many times that Gulf and major NATO powers were paving the way for mass chaos throughout the Levant and Iraq – and that in time international jihadists would start to set off alarm bells within these very same nations. Assad stated this many times during very testing times because this independent nation is continuing to fight for its very existence. This reality can’t be underestimated because in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya you have “mere shadows” of illusionary nations that are now “failed states.” The reality behind this is the axis of America, the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states which meddled collectively in Afghanistan and Iraq; while the same nations clashed covertly in Iraq. After all, the main forces of international jihadists in Iraq came from Saudi Arabia and clearly the political elites in Riyadh are peeved by a Shia dominated government in this nation.

Since outside nations began to meddle openly in Syria it is clear that the main conduit is Turkey and this reality is highlighting the sham of NATO. This applies to the reality that a NATO power is enabling terrorists, Islamists, mercenaries and covert operatives to run riot in Syria once they obtain military hardware and intelligence information in Turkey. Also, you have pockets in Lebanon whereby Islamist terrorists are using this land in order to create new mayhem and chaos in Syria. Likewise, the powerful influence of America, the United Kingdom and Saudi Arabia on the political arena in Jordan means that many rat lines are also going through this nation. Iraq sadly is already a “failed state” and while the political leadership is against the bloodshed in Syria, it is abundantly clear that Islamist terrorist networks are also entering from this nation.

Therefore, Assad commented that The one thing that is sure that those who we face today are those who carry the al-Qaeda ideology…There are those who seek to partition Syria and weaken it. But Syria is stronger and will remain sovereign. This is what upsets the West.”

The above comment is clearly vindicated because you have multitudes of videos and images which highlight the menace of al-Qaeda and other like minded Islamist terrorist networks. Indeed, given the reality that America lost over 4,000 soldiers to the same forces in Iraq, then it must be galling for many people in this nation to see politicians and allies involving themselves on the side of terrorism against Syria. Not only this, the brutal massacres of minorities by the so-called Free Syrian Army (FSA) and various Islamist terrorist networks is highlighting the brutal deeds of Western political elites in America, France, the United Kingdom, and other nations, which have joined forces with such evil terrorist organizations.

Indeed, the brutal murder of many Syrian journalists, countless beheadings, daily torture, car bombings, political assassinations, killing educated elites, and so forth – by forces being supported by America, Turkey, France, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the United Kingdom, and other Gulf States, is truly barbaric and a threat to international law. All sovereign nation states which are independent minded must be watching in disgust because the mass media in the West and the Gulf region are in full manipulation swing. At the same time, many Syrian opportunists residing abroad are allying with the enemies of Syria. Can these opportunists claim that Afghanistan, Libya and Iraq are stronger today and free from terrorism and chaos? Of course not because all and sundry know that these three above nation states have suffered from outside meddling. This applies to Western and Gulf powers and recently they have been joined by the Erdogan government in Turkey.

Assad also stated that “Regional and international countries must stop funding the armed men to allow those displaced to return to their homes. Right after that our military operations will cease.” Once more it must be stated that Syria took in millions of refugees from Iraq, Palestinians who became stateless and who lost their homes, Lebanese nationals who were caught up in regional intrigues and many others. The vast majority of these refugees were Sunni Muslims but others also moved to Syria including many Christians, Shia Muslims and people of other faiths. However, once outside nations began to support sectarianism, terrorism and sedition against Syria – then a refugee crisis emerged because of their primitive policies. Also, many Iraqi refugees returned to Iraq because the FSA and various Islamist terrorist networks began to kill and persecute them. Likewise, outside agitation is also trying to embroil chaos within the Palestinian community in Syria. Indeed, one barbaric image showed Islamist terrorists holding the beheaded head of a Palestinian who happened to be pro-government.

Assad also stated that At the beginning they wanted it (to be) a fake revolution but the Syrian people rebelled against them, then they tried to impose it by money, media and arms secretly and when they failed, they moved to the second phase through dropping the masks of a “peaceful revolution” and unveiled the cover of the weapons they were using secretly to use them openly starting their attempts to occupy cities as to pounce upon other cities…their brutal behaviors didn’t deter our people, thanks to their awareness and steadfastness, to unveil their lies and reject them. Therefore they decided to take revenge on the people through spreading terrorism everywhere.”

It is abundantly clear that the FSA and various Islamist terrorist networks have entered many cities and other parts of Syria in order to create carnage, fear and to sabotage the economy. At the same time, Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states are spreading Salafi Islam by indoctrination and creating sectarianism in order to crush Syria. However, the majority of the armed forces of Syria are Sunni Muslim and they refuse to follow the sectarian agenda. Instead, these brave military personnel are fighting for all Syrians irrespective of religion and they are protecting mosques and churches irrespective of sect. Yet the enemies of Syria have destroyed many mosques and churches and killed Sunni Muslim religious leaders who support inclusiveness.

The president of Syria also stated that ”Because takfiri thought is alien to our country, they had to import it from abroad, whether in terrorists or thought…Thus, takfiris, terrorists, Qaeda members calling themselves Jihadis streamed from everywhere to command the combat operations on the ground…The gunmen, having failed, retreated to the backlines as aides in acts of kidnapping, pillaging and sabotage…Servants, and at best, guides who spy on their fellow citizens to serve criminals takfiris who only speak the language of slaughtering and mangling.”

Assad further commented that ”Syria has always been, and will remain, a free and sovereign country that won’t accept submission and guardianship, which has been a nuisance for the West, so they sought to take advantage of internal events to drive Syria out of the political equation in the region to get rid of this irksome problem and to strike the culture of resistance and turn us into inferiors…But the West is not the entire international community, as there are world countries, namely Russia and China, and many others which won’t agree to meddling in the internal affairs of countries and destabilizing the region.”


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