President El-Sisi of Egypt Orders Strikes Against ISIS after Christians Killed in Libya

President El-Sisi of Egypt Orders Strikes Against ISIS after Christians Killed in Libya

Boutros Hussein and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times


President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi of Egypt immediately met the leader of the Coptic Orthodox Church after hearing about the barbaric murders of 21 Coptic Christians. El-Sisi expressed his deep sorrow to Pope Tawadros II and clearly both respective leaders showed the unity of Egypt, irrespective of religion. Of course, under the political leadership of el-Sisi, then clearly the head of the Coptic Orthodox Church knew that the leader of Egypt would reach out during this time of sorrow.

The barbaric killings of 21 Coptic Christians by ISIS (IS – Islamic State) terrorist forces in Libya is a clear reminder of the damage done by Gulf and Western meddling. After all, modern day Libya is a failed state after the ousting of Gaddafi, following on from Afghanistan, Iraq and the current intrigues against secular Syria. Therefore, the current nightmare of modern day Libya is a clear reminder that Takfiri terrorist and sectarian groups follow in the footsteps of outside meddling.

Indeed, el-Sisi also preserved the central state of Egypt from Muslim Brotherhood forces that threatened to usurp the state apparatus. At the same time, outside meddling by America, Qatar and Turkey – and other nation states – also threatened the central state of Egypt by their open support of the Muslim Brotherhood. This reality means that el-Sisi is fully aware of internal and external threats to Egypt – this notably applies to the Sinai region and border areas with Libya.

It is known that at least two sets of airstrikes have taken place in Libya, whereby terrorist forces are being attacked based on the orders of el-Sisi. Libya is also partaking in the airstrikes being led by Egypt. This was confirmed by Saqr al-Geroushi, Chief of Staff of the Air Force of Libya, because he states: “Our planes joined in the attack on the terrorist hideouts…Egypt and Libya’s war is one and the same.”

Reuters reports: “Egyptian jets bombed Islamic State targets in Libya on Monday, a day after the group there released a video showing the beheading of 21 Egyptian Christians, drawing Cairo directly into the conflict across its border.”

ISIS rhetoric is based on hatred, violence and pure lies because the usage of the word “crusaders” is a distortion of history. After all, the Coptic Christians of Egypt are indigenous and this community resided in this nation well before the advent of Islam. Therefore, ISIS is just using a smokescreen in order to murder innocent Christian civilians in the most barbaric ways imaginable.

The government of Egypt is extremely worried about the reality of modern day Libya. At the same time, in Sinai and other parts of Egypt you have the internal menace of the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamist terrorist forces that seek chaos, carnage, sectarianism, enforcing dhimmitude on Christians, and to turn the clock back to year zero.

El-Sisi and the armed forces of Egypt are responding to the crisis quickly in order to show the unity of the nation state. The military also stated: “And let those near and far know that the Egyptians have a shield that protects and preserves the security of the country, and a sword that eradicates terrorism.”


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