President Macron of France Impresses President Trump of America in Paris: European Breathing Space

President Macron of France Impresses President Trump of America in Paris: European Breathing Space

Sawako Uchida and Lee Jay Walker 

Modern Tokyo Times

President Emmanuel Macron of France turned on the style and spoke passionately during his meeting with President Donald Trump of America. Indeed, Trump is viewing a positive and diverse side to Europe after his meeting firstly with the leader of Poland, and now meeting Macron in Paris. Therefore, despite the endless “mass media rhetoric of Russia and Trump in America that resembles a witch-hunt,” the continent of Europe is providing a welcome breathing space for Trump to sell his vision – while also listening to different global views.

Of course, behind the scenes both Macron and Trump will spell out their respective visions on many important international issues. Yes, Macron is making it clear that differences will remain on certain important political themes. Yet, despite this, both nations have strong bonds that go beyond any personal disagreements.

Macron acknowledged, On climate we know what our differences are” but he “respected” Trump’s political decision to rebuke the Paris climate accord. This is based on pledges made to the electorate of America prior to Trump being elected.

Macron said, “We have disagreements; Mr Trump had election pledges that he took to his supporters and I had pledges – should this hinder progress on all issues? No”

Trump, being Trump, said, “Something could happen with respect to the Paris accord” without specifying further. It could be that Trump is paying enormous respect to Macron based on the welcome he feels in France. Either way, the omens of positive signs between America and France bode well by the initial momentum gained by the forward planning of Macron.

The BBC reports, “Mr Trump, who is in Paris for a two-day visit, was earlier welcomed by Mr Macron with an official military ceremony… The US president then visited the tomb of Napoleon before Friday’s Bastille Day celebrations.”

Trump clearly appreciates his treatment by the leader of France because of the hostile nature of certain media outlets in America – and the endless saga of undermining his presidency by focusing on the role of Russia in the electoral affairs of America. France, following on from Trump’s reception in Poland, looks firmly presidential and a political leader who looks more at home in Europe.

Trump, on meeting Macron, said, “Emmanuel, nice to see you. This is so beautiful.”

Talks between Macron and Trump will focus on climate change, the war against terrorism, economics, and other important issues. Yet, irrespective of certain political differences, it is abundantly clear that Macron seeks to show unity between America and France – and to bridge differences between leading European powers, notably France and Germany, in order to stabilize a long-standing global order.

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