President Trump responds quickly to Hurricane crisis: $15 billion in Hurricane related aid

President Trump responds quickly to Hurricane crisis: $15 billion in Hurricane related aid 

Kanako Itamae and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

President Donald Trump is sometimes a bit of a maverick whereby he says many surprising things outside presidential norms. Yet, given the current zealous nature of American politics – and the mass media ridiculing or upping false flags against Trump – he is delivering during a time of crisis. Therefore, it is hoped that political posturizing will cease during the current emergency related to the brute force of nature.

Before the week, it seemed that more deadlock awaited the American people but thankfully sanity returned. This is based on Trump doing a deal with congressional Democratic leaders in order to extend the debt limit. Of course, the bill that passed the United States House of Representatives applies only to three months. Despite this, the 316-90 majority shows a different side to Trump. Hence, with the Senate granting Trump’s wishes during this time of crisis, it remains only a matter of time before the president will sign.

Reuters reports, Despite controversy, lawmakers had rushed to approve the legislation, which provides $15.25 billion for emergency disaster aid, before government aid ran out at week’s end as Americans deal with two deadly hurricanes including Irma, a potentially catastrophic storm poised to strike Florida on Sunday.”

It should be noted, that Trump seeks to help the countless number of people that are suffering because of the brute force of nature. Equally, it goes without saying that Trump is concerned about all Americans, irrespective of ethnicity, faith, no faith, or economic background. In other words, Trump is showing the true meaning of being a president – unlike a certain member of the Bush family who seemed aloof during his moment of truth.

According to reports, Hurricane Harvey is responsible for displacing approximately one million people. Not surprisingly, at least 60 people have perished from this brute storm. Indeed, Hurricane Harvey is the most potent hurricane to devastate the state of Texas.

The $15.25 billion of emergency aid to assist people blighted by two horrendous hurricanes is badly needed. On top of this, reports stress that a powerful storm may strike the state of Florida in a few days time. Therefore, Trump responded promptly to the crisis and rose above party politics in order to help the people of America that are suffering from recent events.

Of course, some Republicans will be disgruntled by Trump’s overture to the Democrats. However, for the million plus Americans hit by the crisis, then they will be relieved that they have a president who responds promptly and with care.


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