President Trump strengthens democracy by signing the Taiwan Travel Act

President Trump strengthens democracy by signing the Taiwan Travel Act

Chika Mori and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

President Tsai Ing-wen of Taiwan is a very robust and outward-looking politician who seeks to entrench this progressive democratic nation internationally. Hence, the knowledge of President Donald Trump of America signing the Taiwan Travel Act bodes well for Taiwan. Therefore, despite protestations from China, Trump is correct to strengthen ties with Taiwan based on the democratic and modern nature of this nation.

The signing of the Taiwan Travel Act by Trump is a step in the right direction and hopefully, this will lead to even closer ties with other bold steps being taken by America. It is known that a unanimous decision was taken by Congress to pass the bill.

Hence, officials from both America and Taiwan will have unrestricted access to meet and forge closer ties. In other words, direct official channels now follow a similar path that once existed between both nations prior to 1979, when America switched its acknowledgment in the favor of China even if the degree is lower.

Deutsche Welle reports, “China’s relationship with Taiwan has also taken a turn for the worse since the 2016 inauguration of Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen, who has refused to endorse Beijing’s view that the island belongs to it.

In a past article, Modern Tokyo Times said, “President Tsai Ing-wen of Taiwan is an extremely robust female leader of this nation and clearly, she doesn’t want to be tied down to the whims of China. Indeed, it is in the interest of China to accept the cultural, economic, legal, and political differences between both nations that openly trade. Similarly, favorable political relations and the acknowledgment of the independence of Taiwan would prevent any meddling from the United States. After all, unneeded tensions between China and Taiwan would become history and instead the natural bonds would flow. Thereby, the possibility of America’s containment policy aimed at China would be weakened naturally in this part of the East China Sea.”

However, as expected, China is extremely unhappy by the fresh turn of events with the enactment of the Taiwan Travel Act. The Foreign Ministry of China said, We urge the U.S. side to correct its mistake, stop official exchanges between U.S. and Taiwan officials and substantively raising relations, and prudently and appropriately handle the Taiwan issue to avoid causing serious harm to Sino-U.S. ties and peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait region.”

Reuters reports, “The move adds to strains between the two countries over trade, as Trump has enacted tariffs and called for China to reduce its huge trade imbalance with the United States, even while Washington has leaned on Beijing to help resolve tensions with North Korea.”

Overall, while the bill does have limitations, it is still positive for Taiwan that America is strengthening ties further. Indeed, it is high time for other democratic nations and powerful blocs like the European Union to forge closer ties with Taiwan. After all, the appeasement of Gulf petrodollars in the Middle East and rewarding one-party-states over democratic nations like Taiwan is negative for the democratic world.

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