President Trump to enjoy his state visit to Japan and meet the new Emperor

President Trump to enjoy his state visit to Japan and meet the new Emperor

Sawako Utsumi

Modern Tokyo Times

President Donald Trump of America will enjoy his state visit to Japan based on the friendliness of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. Equally important, and a great honor for Trump, the leader of America will be the first foreign dignitary to meet Emperor Naruhito.

Of course, serious issues exist between Abe and Trump. This notably applies to trade issues and Japan being sidelined by America during talks with North Korea. Yet, while important issues will be discussed, the visit of Trump is mainly based on cementing ties between both nations and strengthening an already friendly relationship between the leaders of America and Japan.

For Trump and Melania, the First Lady, then the state visit of four-days will be a time to enjoy time away from the baying political correct press at home. Likewise, Trump and the First Lady will enjoy the respect that is provided to them by Japan.

Trump uttered, via Twitter, that I am “looking forward to honoring, on behalf of the United States, His Majesty, the Emperor of Japan.

The president also stated, “With all the countries of the world, I’m the guest of honor at the biggest event that they’ve had in over 200 years.”

It is known that Trump supports the trappings of history, splendor, and being treated with the utmost of respect. Hence, his visit to Japan will provide him with a welcome break from the sneering political correct media back in America. Of course, the media should highlight the failings of all leaders. However, at times it seems that all positives are being overtly negated in the mass liberal media; therefore, Trump will enjoy the respect provided to him in Japan.

Lee Jay Walker, a fellow writer at Modern Tokyo Times, utters, “Certain serious issues will need to be solved in the future, notably related to trade and Japan taking a more prominent role in discussions involving North Korea. Likewise, tensions exist in Okinawa based on this part of Japan being burdened too much in the realm of housing the armed forces of America. The blame being pinned on Japan. After all, Japanese political elites have ignored the wishes of Okinawans for decade after decade – despite political elites in Tokyo understanding the unfairness of these policies.”  

Of course, while the above is true. It is clear that the ongoing four-day visit is a time for the leaders of both nations to strengthen an already strong relationship. Hence, the Trump state visit is mainly ceremonial and based on showing the leader of America the utmost of respect.  



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