President Vladimir Putin of the Russian Federation says, “G7 is no good without India and China.”

President Vladimir Putin of the Russian Federation says, “G7 is no good without India and China.” 

Noriko Watanabe and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

President Vladimir Putin of the Russian Federation seeks a genuine multipolar world that takes away the centrism of America, along with the supporting role of fellow nations belonging to the Group of Seven (G7). Equally important, it is irrational to Putin to have any major international political or economic group without the powers of China and India respectively. In other words, the old dominance of the Western elite club is not only coming to an end, but it doesn’t represent the reality on the ground of the modern world.

Putin expressed his thinking openly in the knowledge of the shifting geopolitical sands during the Eastern Economic Forum that was held in the Far East of the Russian Federation. At the same time, Putin reached out to India to increase its presence in the Far East based on increasing economic trade and future transport routes.

Putin, in-line with the views recently expressed by President Emmanuel Macron of France, uttered, “…the leading role of the West is ending. I cannot imagine an effective international organization without India and China.” 

Recently, a senior lawmaker in the Russian Federation uttered caution to rejoining the G8 based on recent positive comments by President Donald Trump of America. The lawmaker, Konstantin Kosachev, believes that a G10 is more appropriate that includes China and India. This is based on economic, geopolitical, and other important factors – along with both nations having favorable relations with the Russian Federation.

Kosachev reported, “I think Russia’s return would make sense only if it’s possible to avoid the ‘seven against one’ trap.”

Also, in accordance with the logic of Putin and others in the Russian Federation, a new approach is needed to incorporate the growing rise of China and India according to Kosachev. This, he implied, “would be a powerful phenomenon.”

Overall, the logic of Putin is based on the shifting dynamics of the international community. In other words, is it possible to have a major international economic and political summit that negates China and India?


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