Protest in Czechia: Energy prices, neutrality, and New Democracy

Protest in Czechia: Energy prices, neutrality, and New Democracy

Kanako Mita and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Countless European nations are supplying military equipment to Ukraine and are supporting economic sanctions on the Russian Federation. Hence, economic convulsions include high energy prices, inflation, price hikes in foodstuffs, and other negatives. However, when ordinary people protest against the whims of political elites who ignore taxpayers, protesters are mocked by their political leaders and are branded negatively.

In Czechia (Czech Republic), at least 70,000 people condemned their government for the self-induced economic convulsions that are rocking the nation. Similar discontent exists throughout Europe despite the mass media and political elites reading from the same hymn sheet. This concerns branding anti-NATO, anti-War, and anti-sanction voices as being extremists (be they the far-left or far-right).

However, protesters in Czechia came out on the streets to condemn the policies of the government from all branches of society – political and social. They want the Czechs to come first after the economic convulsions of the coronavirus (Covid-19). Hence, the last thing people need is more poverty related to sanctions on the Russian Federation (Countless invasions by America, France, and the United Kingdom in the post-World War Two period but no economic sanctions).

Prime Minister Petr Fiala accepted approximately 400,000 refugees from Ukraine and provides humanitarian and military support. Thus, it is fine for Fiala that indigenous Russians and non-ethnic Russians in the Donbass (Donbas) region flee or be killed by Ukrainian forces. Therefore, a biased humanitarian angle.

Protesters in Czechia are calling for the resignation of Fiala concerning rising energy prices, inflation, and immigration convulsions from the war. They also demand that Czechia becomes neutral between Ukraine and the Russian Federation – and to put Czechs first.

Fiala scornfully said, “The protest on Wenceslas Square was called by forces that are pro-Russian, are close to extreme positions, and are against the interests of the Czech Republic.”

Similar rhetoric can be heard in America, Germany, and a host of other nations where “new democracy” incites abroad and at home concerning any dissenting voices. Therefore, banners highlighting “The best for the Ukrainians and two sweaters for us” was rubbished by Fiala at the drop of a hat.

Jiri Havel – event co-organizer – said, “… demonstration aims to demand change, mainly in solving the issue of energy prices, especially electricity and gas, which will destroy our economy this autumn.”

Reuters reports, “… Europe’s energy crisis is fuelling political instability as soaring power prices stoke inflation, already at levels unseen in three decades.”

Annalena Baerbock, the Foreign Minister of Germany, said: “Yes, our citizens are suffering, but they will have to suffer because we will support Ukraine no matter what.”

New authoritarian democracy entails that Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis of Greece can even utilize spyware against political opponents because he belongs to the anti-Russian Federation camp. After all, leading figures in the European Union and G7 are rather quiet about this.

Alexis Tsipras, the former Prime Minister (Syriza), rebuked Mitsotakis strongly. He said, “You gave the order for [EYP] to follow him… You wanted to have absolute control over developments in the third [biggest] party to ensure control over political developments ahead of a new parliamentary law of proportional representation which requires governments of coalition.”

NATO powers in recent times have destabilized Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, and the Sahel region after the Libya debacle. America, France, and the United Kingdom also supply vast military hardware to Indonesia (West Papua) and Saudi Arabia (brutal war in Yemen). However, at no time did nations call for international sanctions against these nations – thus, the anti-Russian Federation bias is obvious.

The language of “new democrats” and quietism over “spyware” in Greece by the US-educated leader – along with the mass media manipulating words to prop up convenient wars by President Joe Biden of America: harks to a very dark period that is entering the democratic world to a higher level.

Nobody expects anything from America (Agent Orange on Vietnam, supporting right-wing death squads in South America, to lies about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq). However, it seems that the European Union and Japan are now jumping on the anti-China and anti-Russian Federation bandwagon. Therefore, ordinary people are mocked – and branded extremists – in the “new democracy” if they question being made poorer.


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