Rich Gulf Powers don’t like Christian refugees or Afghanistan refugees: Migrant labor is fine!

Rich Gulf Powers don’t like Christian refugees or Afghanistan refugees: Migrant labor is fine!

Murad Makhmudov and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Images of mass evacuations of nationals from Afghanistan fleeing to America, Canada, and European nations once more have hit the headlines. In equal measure, rich elites in Afghanistan with money and connections will get priority like usual. Therefore, mosques will follow in Western lands because Gulf powers negate any responsibility to take in refugees from Afghanistan in large numbers – just like the Syrian situation.

Gulf powers are also responsible for the crisis in Afghanistan because Gulf petrodollars spread Takfiri Sunni Islam to Afghanistan and Pakistan (and countless other nations). Also, when Afghanistan was under the communist leader Mohammad Najibullah, money channels for arming various Sunni Islamist forces came from the Gulf and Pakistan. Hence, when Sunni Islamists challenged Najibullah both Islamic and Western powers enabled international jihadism to flourish.

The last time the Taliban was in power (1996-2001) in Afghanistan, three nations recognized the rule of this Islamist group for obvious reasons. This concerns Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. Meanwhile, the intrigues of Pakistan are well known in recent times.

During the Syrian crisis, the Catholic Pope called on the faithful in Europe – and in other parts of the world – to support mainly Muslim refugees. Yet, when do leading Islamic religious leaders in Iran, Qatar, or Saudi Arabia call for helping African Christian refugees in modern times?

Hence, how many Alawites, Christians, Shabaks, Yazidis, and other non-Sunni Muslim refugees from Iraq and Syria were given refugee status in leading Gulf nations?

The same Gulf nations don’t mind taking in poor migrants to exploit cheap labor backed by few working rights. However, citizenship with full religious rights where non-Muslim males can openly marry Muslim females – or where Buddhists, Christians, and Hindus can openly proselytize just like Muslims can do throughout the West – then a very big no that is backed by prison concerning Sharia Islamic law.

The majority of poorer Afghans will be displaced internally or will migrate to Iran or Pakistan in the hope of returning if stability returns. Similarly, the nations of Jordan and Lebanon in the Arabic-speaking world took in vast numbers from Iraq and Syria irrespective of religion. Yet, as usual, the Gulf states seek to avoid responsibility for religious minorities and instead abuse cheap migrant labor.

Gulf nations need to take greater responsibility for their co-religionists in Afghanistan and take in African Christian refugees – and others – who are fleeing persecution by providing full religious and marriage rights. It is doubtful that this will happen anytime soon because the politically correct and liberals are useful tools to manipulate.

The media is currently obsessed with Afghan nationals. Yet more destructive conflicts are ongoing in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Yemen, and Sahel nations are also blighted by conflict and major humanitarian issues concerning millions of uprooted people. While countless ethnic groups from the mainly Buddhist indigenous groups in the Chittagong Hill Tracts to West Papua reside in fear. However, no evacuations and minor media attention.

Yet, the one consistency is that wealthy Gulf nations – and East Asian powers – will do little to help the international refugee crisis apart from providing money while keeping their respective doors mainly closed.


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