Russia: Newest Nuclear Submarine to Move to the Pacific Fleet (US and Japan)

Russia: Newest Nuclear Submarine to Move to the Pacific Fleet (US and Japan)

Kanako Mita, Sawako Utsumi, and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

The Russian Federation continues to upgrade its military bases in the Russian Far East. Accordingly, the new nuclear submarine will move to the Pacific Fleet base in August.

The permanent base will be located in the Kamchatka Peninsula. It is a reminder that despite the array of NATO, European Union, and G7 nations against the single entity of the Russian Federation, this nation is defending itself and strengthening its armed forces to protect the nation-state.

TASS News reports, “The Generalissimus Suvorov is a fourth generation nuclear-powered submarine of the upgraded Borey-A project (designed by the St. Petersburg-based Central Design Bureau of Marine Engineering Rubin). It is the second serially built submersible missile-carrying submarine of project 955A. It boasts fundamentally new engineering solutions, improved equipment, lower levels of physical fields and better security and meets tighter import substitution requirements.”

The Hindustan Times reports, the submarine “… carries up to 16 nuclear-tipped Russian Bulava missiles, each of which can carry more than one nuclear warhead.”

Japan under Prime Minister Fumio Kishida is not only doubling the military budget, but he is also adopting a negative stance toward China and the Russian Federation. Unlike other G7 nations, only Japan is located in Asia. Therefore, with China and the Russian Federation belonging to Northeast Asia – similar to Japan – Kishida is taking many risks.

If the next leader of America – for example, took a similar stance to the former leader Donald Trump: then Japan’s damaged relations with China and the Russian Federation will be hard to regain.

Also, in the worst-case scenario: if military convulsions erupted, the allies of Japan would have little qualms about using the territory of this country. After all, America (excluding Alaska) is a long way from Northeast Asia. Therefore, Kishida is taking dangerous steps with his actions concerning China and the Russian Federation.

The Korean Peninsula, the Taiwan Question, US containment policies of China and Russia, Japan doubling its military budget despite the horrendous mountain of debt, Kishida’s anti-China and anti-Russia goading, the Biden admin encouraging Japan and South Korea to militarize, America helping Taiwan to further its military capabilities and other complex webs are being developed dangerously because of the war mongering policies of the Democratic Party in America.

President Vladimir Putin – taking a swipe at G7, NATO, and European Union nations – said: “I am confident that, together, we will achieve the formation of a more equitable, multipolar world, while the ideology of exceptionalism as well as the neocolonial system, which has undergirded the exploitation of the resources of the entire world, will inevitably recede into the past.”

Putin continued: “We highly appreciate the fact that Russia has numerous allies and partners across diverse regions and continents. We sincerely cherish our historically strong, friendly, and genuinely trust-based ties with Asian, African and Latin American countries, and we will continue to do all we can to strengthen them.” 

Kishida is enabling the administration of Biden of to increase divisions in Northeast Asia. Unlike the former leader of America (Donald Trump) and the possibility of a deal with North Korea: the war-mongering Democratic Party is sending nuclear bombers and submarines to South Korea.

The spokesperson for the Chinese foreign ministry (Mao Ning) said: “NATO’s continual eastward expansion in the Asia-Pacific, interference in regional affairs, attempts to destroy regional peace and stability and push for bloc confrontation calls for high vigilance from countries in the region.”

Maria Zakharova, the spokesperson for the Russian Foreign Ministry, warned, the Kishida administration is “rejecting the country’s peaceful development… (and) has embarked on the path of an unprecedented build-up of its military power, including strike potential.” 

Zakharova continued: Japan is “returning to unlimited militarization, which will inevitably provoke new security challenges and exacerbate tensions in the Asia-Pacific region.” 

The former leader of Japan, Shinzo Abe (brutally assassinated), sought cordial relations with the Russian Federation. Accordingly, after Crimea reverted to the Russian Federation, Abe maintained positive relations with Putin. 

However, Kishida is pro-America to the detriment of Japan.

Kishida is also taking a lot for granted concerning the future political developments of America and South Korea.

The Russian Federation and China now have little trust in the Kishida administration. Hence, militarization will continue at a higher level in Northeast Asia. Therefore, Kishida sacrificed positive relations with the Russian Federation to support the objectives of America: while also attacking China verbally and supporting America’s containment policies.

Abe (unlike Kishida), before he was brutally assassinated, said: “Maybe the war could have been avoided if Zelensky had been forced to pledge that his country would not join NATO, or had been forced to grant a high degree of autonomy to Luhansk and Donetsk in the east…”

The Russian Federation will continue to shore up the Russian Far East in the knowledge that Japan is currently a hostile nation. Therefore, the Democratic Party in America – championing Japan and South Korea to militarize – is creating an increasingly heightened Northeast Asia.

It is hoped that the next leader of Japan will seek to build bridges with China and the Russian Federation – and China and the Russian Federation listen to the concerns of Japan.

Northeast Asia is entering a period of danger unseen in recent decades.

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