Russia should warn the UK: Iraq to Libya but no nation trained to kill their soldiers

Russia should warn the UK: Iraq to Libya but no nation trained to kill their soldiers

Kanako Mita, Sawako Utsumi, and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

In the United Kingdom, austerity became a buzzword for the ruling Conservative Party. Now, the convulsions of the coronavirus and economic sanctions on the Russian Federation are leading to poorer members of society needing food banks. Also, others are making dramatic cutbacks – concerning recent energy and food hikes. However, despite this – and countless recent scandals that blight the leader of the United Kingdom and others within his party – endless money is found to support the armed forces of Ukraine.

At no point did the Russian Federation seek to train the armed forces of Afghanistan, Iraq, or Libya to kill British soldiers. On the contrary, the IRA terrorist group obtained funding via NORAID in America during a period when many people were killed in Northern Ireland (and sometimes on the mainland).

The President Barack Obama doctrine in Syria was to bleed the armed forces of Syria and various terrorist groups to a standstill once ISIS (Islamic State – IS) entered the fray. This concerns the armed forces of Syria and various Sunni Islamist terrorist groups supported by Gulf powers and NATO Turkey. However, with the support of the Russian Federation and Iran, the government of Syria managed to survive despite NATO Turkey and its continuing intrigue in Northern Syria (and Islamist terrorist groups in a limited area of the country).

However – and of major importance – the nations of America, Iran, the Russian Federation, and several European NATO powers implemented a policy – to avoid clashes with each other. Also, to avoid air force mistakes or other types of military operations that might overlap concerning Iraq and Syria. Therefore, no nation openly trained the armed forces of others to attack another major nation involved in the ensuing chaos of Iraq and Syria.

Yet, the crisis concerning Ukraine and the Russian Federation sending in military forces to protect Russians and non-ethnic Russian speakers in the Donbas (Donbass) region – and adjacent areas – is out of control. This concerns European Union nations, NATO, and G7 countries that have put tough economic sanctions on the Russian Federation along with sending tens of billions of military hardware to the armed forces of Ukraine.

It is abundantly obvious that covert training of the armed forces of Ukraine is happening related to NATO powers. However, now Prime Minister Boris Johnson is openly gloating about training the armed forces of Ukraine to kill Russian Federation soldiers – and Russian and non-ethnic Russian speakers who are bombarded by Ukrainian troops in the Donbas region. Therefore, the Russian Federation should warn the United Kingdom that they are crossing a line: if not, this line will be expanded by the United Kingdom and other NATO powers.

The Guardian reports, “Boris Johnson has announced that the UK will oversee a new three-week training programme for Ukrainian soldiers, as he visited Kyiv for the third time this year for talks with the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelenskiy.”

Johnson said, “As Ukrainian soldiers fire UK missiles in defence of your nation’s sovereignty, they do so also in defence of the very freedoms we take for granted. That is why I have offered President Zelenskiy a major new military training programme that could change the equation of this war – harnessing that most powerful of forces, the Ukrainian determination to win.”

The working class got the vote earlier in the United Kingdom because of the convulsions of World War One. Then the armed forces of this nation protected its Empire that benefited the ruling elites. After the collapse of the Empire, the United Kingdom supported the genocide of Biafra concerning the support of the armed forces of Nigeria – to the brutal deeds done in Indonesia along with America (two million killed related to the butchering of communists, East Timor, and the ongoing crisis in West Papua).

The nations of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, and Yemen (UK military arms and training of the Saudi-led alliance that bombs Yemen) are failed states. America and the United Kingdom have killed untold numbers in these nations – and deaths continue long after both nations leave. Indeed, after the Libya debacle: the entire Sahel is now awash with terrorism – and millions of displaced people have little hope for the future.

The sovereignty of the nations above became violated by America and the United Kingdom (and other allies). However, no war crimes, no democracy to speak of that is functioning, and no modernity. Instead, broken nations that are now failed states, minorities barely surviving (Yazidis in Iraq to Christians of Syria), women facing greater hardship, and other horrendous convulsions.

It is time for the Russian Federation to draw red lines and for nations to seek an ending to the conflict. Since 2014, the European Union, G7 nations, and NATO countries didn’t concern themselves with Ukrainian forces bombing the Donbas region. Therefore, a deal needs to be done that recognizes the annexation of Donetsk and Luhansk – and other adjacent regions that support the re-alignment with the Russian Federation (the Soviet Union and the Communist Party altered the borders of Ukraine to the detriment of Russians and non-ethnic pro-Russian Federation groups).

At the same time, Ukraine should be outside the NATO bloc – and the Russian Federation and Ukraine should sign an agreement “that neither side will seek land changes agreed to or attack the other side.” In other words, turn the crisis into a frozen conflict and then for both nations to develop economic and political dealings along with other nations.

The United Kingdom needs to pull back from its open hostility by stealth. Hence, nations should focus on the Iraq and Syria model where no nation sought open confrontation – and no nation trained other armed forces to attack rival nations. Therefore, the Russian Federation should warn the United Kingdom to desist immediately.

It is hoped that wise heads will emerge because the armed forces of Ukraine are dying in increasing numbers – NATO military hardware means the Donbas region is being bombed more extensively again – and the international economy is fraying concerning energy, foodstuffs, and so on.


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