Russian Federation Kills 8 ISIS Terrorists in Ingushetia: Syria, FSB and Ticking Time Bomb

Russian Federation Kills 8 ISIS Terrorists in Ingushetia: Syria, FSB and Ticking Time Bomb

Murad Makhmudov, Takeshi Hasegawa and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times


The Russian Federation knows that Gulf and NATO intrigues in Syria have enabled untold numbers of international terrorists to enter this nation. This reality should boost military support from the Russian Federation to Syria because clearly NATO Turkey is an open terrorist conduit. Therefore, the news of 8 ISIS (Islamic State – IS) terrorists being killed in Ingushetia isn’t a surprise to the Federal Security Service (FSB) of the Russian Federation.

In April this year it became known that the Islamist terrorist group called Imarat Kavkaz had pledged allegiance to ISIS. Since this period the FSB is on continuous alert because Imarat Kavkaz is likely to launch a major operation, in order to attract more jihadists in the Caucasus region.

Sputnik News reports The FSB estimates up to 1,700 militants from Russia may be fighting within ISIL ranks in Syria and Iraq, where the extremist group has captured vast territories in the past year.”

The estimate of 1,700 may underestimate the real number. After all, sleeper cells of new recruits from the Caucasus region – and other parts of the Russian Federation – clearly move between the Russian Federation and Syria based on the intrigues of NATO Turkey. At the same time, increasing numbers of international jihadists in Central Asia are entering Syria and this equally should alarm the Russian Federation. Therefore, it is essential that political elites in Moscow increase economic, political and military links with the government of Syria because this nation is on the frontline.

Returning to the deaths of eight ISIS members then The Independent reports In an announcement today, the country’s Anti-Terrorist Committee said that the militants had been killed in combat with Russian troops in the province of Ingushetia west of Chechnya.”

Among the terrorists killed was Adam Tagilov and clearly this will please the FSB and the leader of Chechnya. This is based on Tagilov being deemed the main culprit behind the launching of a terrorist attack that killed 25 people in Grozny last year. Not surprisingly, this terrorist attack in the capital of Chechnya unnerved respective political elites in Moscow and Grozny therefore the death of Tagilov will be well received.

However, given the connivance of Gulf and NATO powers in utilizing various terrorist and sectarian forces against the government of Syria, then clearly the North Caucasus region in the Russian Federation needs to be on high alert. Especially with ISIS now focusing more on instability in the North Caucasus in order to plant even more fear in Chechnya, Dagestan and Ingushetia. Therefore, with jihadists from the Caucasus region – and other parts of the Russian Federation – gaining more military and tactical experience in Iraq and Syria respectively, then future jihadi returnees may seek to up the ISIS ante in the North Caucasus.

This reality means that political elites in Moscow must increase their support of Syria because it is the armed forces of this nation that are the main killers of international jihadists. Also, given the prominent role of Caucasus jihadists in Syria then it is essential that the FSB and other security forces in the Russian Federation work more closely with the government of Syria.


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