Saudi Arabia and UAE are Killing and Destabilizing Openly in Yemen: Western Fingerprints

Saudi Arabia and UAE are Killing and Destabilizing Openly in Yemen: Western Fingerprints

Murad Makhmudov, Noriko Watanabe and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times


The Saudi Arabia led coalition that is bombing Yemen from the skies is showing no signs of let up. Indeed, the United Arab Emirates now have ground forces in Yemen, while various nations continue to ship enormous military consignments to Yemeni forces that have been bought by Gulf petrodollars. Therefore, one of the poorest countries in the world is being pulverized by the Saudi Arabia led coalition against Yemen and like usual Western fingerprints are everywhere.

International law once more doesn’t exist therefore the Saudi Arabia Sunni led coalition can kill and destabilize from the sky. At the same time, the UAE can openly violate the sovereignty of Yemen by sending ground troops. This reality bodes ill for the people of this nation and once more Iran is being eclipsed by Gulf feudal monarchies that are supported by America, France and the United Kingdom.

Shia Houthis and loyal military forces in Yemen that don’t seek to become puppets of feudal Gulf monarchies are clearly facing an uphill struggle. After all, the combined forces that are violating the sovereignty of this nation are numerous and all this is being done based on the connivance of America, France and the United Kingdom. At the same time, ISIS (Islamic State – IS) and al-Qaeda are openly opposed to the Shia Houthis based on their sectarian logic. Therefore, it is imperative that Iran does more and the same applies to the Russian Federation because the conflict is too one sided.

The New York Times reports Small numbers of Saudi and Emirati troops have been fighting in Yemen for at least the last few weeks, according to southern Yemeni commanders. The arrival of the Emirati brigade, though, marked the first time a large foreign force had entered the ground war. “The U.A.E. and the Saudis are putting a lot into this,” said a senior United States military official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss operational reports…”

Bruce Riedel at al-Monitor states “A great humanitarian tragedy is unfolding in the Arabian Peninsula. The international community appears powerless to help the Yemeni people or, even worse, indifferent to their fate. The richest countries in the Arab world are waging war and a blockade against the poorest nation in Arabia with no end in sight. For its part, the United States has committed to accelerating arms deliveries to the kingdom and the Gulf states, which helps them continue the air and naval blockade. Without the American and British regarding supply of munitions, logistical assistance, diplomatic protection in the UN and other support, the Saudis would be much constrained in the war. The world is failing Yemen.”

Several months ago France 24 reported: “Meanwhile, al Qaeda-linked militants have taken advantage of the security vacuum to seize control of swathes of the country’s southeast.”

The above comment is gaining further traction because ISIS is also gaining from the Saudi Arabia led bombing campaign. In other words, Gulf allies of America, France and the United Kingdom are emboldening al-Qaeda affiliates and ISIS based on the anti-Shia foreign policy objectives of feudal Sunni monarchies in the Gulf region.

The Guardian last month reported “The air campaign has had limited success and instead has plunged Yemen into a humanitarian crisis with food, fuel and medical shortages. Last week, the UN declared Yemen a level-three emergency, its most dire rating, placing it on par with Syria. It estimates that a million people been displaced since March.”

However, in recent weeks it is clear that special operatives from certain Gulf states, ISIS, al-Qaeda (AQAP), more intensive bombing by the Saudi Arabia led coalition, Western logical support – and now ground troops from the UAE – are all taking their toll on the Shia Houthis and loyal Yemen military forces that object to being the puppets of Gulf and Western intrigues. Despite this, Shia Houthis and other loyal Yemen military forces remain determined despite the odds being clearly stacked against them. Therefore, Iran must do more to help the embattled Shia of Yemen and to support all forces in Yemen that oppose being Gulf and Western puppets.


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