Saudi Arabia Threatens to Supply Surface-To-Air-Missiles to Terrorists in Syria: Russia Should Play Checkmate

Saudi Arabia Threatens to Supply Surface-To-Air-Missiles to Terrorists in Syria: Russia Should Play Checkmate

Murad Makhmudov, Michiyo Tanabe and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times


Saudi Arabia is the most despotic nation in the world because not one single Buddhist temple or Christian church is tolerated. Similarly, women face being whipped if they are not covered up from head to toe. Equally alarming, Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states like Qatar are at the epicenter of international terrorism and spreading Takfiri Islam. Therefore, if various sectarian forces in Syria are supplied with surface-to-air-missiles – and other major military equipment – by Saudi Arabia, then the Russian Federation should play checkmate based on supporting the Shia Houthis in Yemen and in other areas.

The bombing campaign by America and other allies against ISIS (Islamic State – IS) is clearly phony because this barbaric Takfiri force keeps on spreading its power base in Iraq and Syria respectively. Indeed, while America is helping to contain ISIS from taking Kurdish majority held areas in parts of Northern Syria, the same doesn’t apply to areas held by the Syrian government. In other words, numerous ISIS and al-Nusra convoys are acting openly when they attack the armed forces of Syria. Therefore, it is clear that America and fellow allies are merely manipulating ISIS in order to weaken the armed forces of Syria, while also allowing Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey, to supply other terrorist and sectarian forces with the open support of the CIA.

It is also abundantly clear that since outside nations began to destabilize Syria that NATO Turkey became an open conduit for international jihadists, military arms, covert operatives, mercenaries and other intrigues. Images and video evidence even show Turkey helping ISIS and other sectarian terrorist groups. However, NATO and the European Union appear to care little that certain Gulf nations and Turkey are openly supporting forces that cleanse Alawite Muslims, Christians, Sunni Muslim Kurds, Shabaks, Yazidis and the Shia.

Irrespective of all the propaganda against secular Syria it is clear that this nation enabled millions of refugees to find safety prior to outside meddling. This notably applies to Palestinians fleeing their homeland and then taking in vast numbers from Iraq. Therefore, Christians, Shia Muslims and Sunni Muslims from Iraq fled to secular Syria because of the collective destabilization policies of major Gulf and Western nations.

In other words, the sectarian card being plied by Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey doesn’t hold water unless you apply this to the mirror of these nations that openly discriminate. Despite this, the enemies of Syria have supported countless sectarian forces and opened up ratlines in order for international jihadists to slaughter various minorities in Syria. Similarly, all loyal Sunni Muslims in Syria face being butchered just like ISIS slaughters certain Sunni tribes in Iraq.

The Russian Federation, knowing that outside nations are refusing to relent on supporting countless different Sunni Takfiri sectarian terrorist groups – and fearing the Caucasus facing future destabilization – finally decided to act because of this reality. Also, after one year of ineffectual bombing of ISIS alongside continuing terrorist intrigues against Syria then Moscow had to act because the Syrian armed forces face being bled to death. If this happened, then another Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya would occur and in time open terrorist bases would develop where future acts of terrorism would be aimed at the Russian Federation.

It should be stressed that Takfiri Sunni Islamist terrorist forces openly have bases in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Pakistan (self induced). In other words, in parts of the world where America and various nations like France, Qatar, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the United Kingdom have destabilized, then the same reality follows. This applies to failed states and brutal religious cleansing by sectarian terrorist forces. Therefore, the Russian Federation is not only trying to protect Syria but also the Caucasus region.

If Saudi Arabia and other nations like Turkey enable terrorist groups to obtain surface-to-air-missiles then the Russian Federation should act accordingly. For example, the Russian Federation and Iran should focus on supporting the people of Bahrain and the Shia Houthis in Yemen. Likewise, if Turkey, the terrorist conduit, enables these arms to reach terrorist forces then the Kurds should be supplied accordingly. In other words, the Russian Federation should play checkmate because the same regional powers that are destabilizing keep on getting away with supporting vile and dangerous terrorist forces.

The BBC reports The Saudi official did not rule out supplying surface-to-air missiles to the rebels, a move resisted by many in the West for fear that they would fall into the hands of IS and end up being used to shoot down warplanes of the US-led Coalition or even civilian airliners.”

If an ounce of credibility exists behind the quote above then the Russian Federation should focus on helping the Kurds, Shia Houthis in Yemen and the Shia majority in Bahrain. At the same time, the Russian Federation should make stronger overtures to Iraq and boost increasing ties with Egypt. Similarly, greater economic and military ties should develop between Cyprus, Greece and Serbia for geopolitical reasons.

The Russian Federation merely wants to end the Syrian war but with so many international jihadists being supported by Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey – along with the intrigues of America, France and the United Kingdom – then a political solution is out of reach. Only naive individuals would trust powerful Gulf and NATO powers. After all, look at the nightmares called modern day Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya where terrorists openly kill and butcher.


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