Serbia warns Albanians of re-entering Kosovo: Intrigues of Obama against Russia

Serbia warns Albanians of re-entering Kosovo: Intrigues of Obama against Russia

Ramazan Khalidov and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

The European Union (EU) and NATO share a theme in Europe and this applies to tolerating the cleansing of Orthodox Christians in Northern Cyprus and the Serbian Jerusalem of Kosovo – just like the same forces do zilch for the embattled Christians of the Middle East apart from making the situation worse by allying with Sunni Islamist Saudi Arabia and Turkey. Similarly, the same EU and NATO powers tolerate Sunni Islamist Gulf petrodollars to spread Sunni Islamization in Europe, while Saudi Arabia will not tolerate one Christian church. Hence, with good measure, it appears that Serbia is finally finding a backbone to the mass intimidation of the embattled Orthodox Christians of Kosovo.

Indeed, the EU and NATO double-standard that tolerates the occupying troops of Turkey in Northern Cyprus for decade after decade, is the same partners in crime that illegally sanctioned the dismantlement of Serbia by handing Kosovo to the mainly Muslim Albanians. Not surprisingly, many Kosovo Albanians are involved in killing Syrians on behalf of Sunni Islamist sectarians based on utilizing NATO and Gulf ratlines via NATO Turkey. Likewise, Gulf petrodollars from several Gulf nations including Saudi Arabia and Qatar are spreading Sunni Islamization in Kosovo and throughout the Balkans, while the EU, United Nations (UN), and NATO, all sit idly by.

In recent days more tensions have emerged in Kosovo based on Albanians in Pristina that seek to intimidate and humiliate the embattled Serbian Orthodox Christians of Kosovo. Of course, it isn’t a coincidence that all this is happening in the final days of President Obama’s presidency in America. This is threefold, one applies to trying to entangle the Russian Federation based on Obama and his open Russophobia – the second is aimed at tying the President-elect Donald Trump down by focusing on foreign policy – and the third area is aimed at maintaining the wedge between America and the Russian Federation based on the intrigues of the Obama administration. After all, it is clear that Trump wants favorable relations with the Russian Federation.

President Tomislav Nikolic of Serbia is disillusioned by the double standards of the usual players in Europe and America. Despite this, Serbia understands that the situation is fragile and this nation doesn’t seek to create fresh vacuums by the usual actors. However, Serbia is notifying the world that it will not tolerate yet another underhanded measure by Albanians based in Pristina that threatens Serbian Orthodox Christians in certain parts of northern Kosovo.

The Russian Federation needs to show support towards Serbia and the same applies to other friendly nations. Yet, it is essential that the Russian Federation wait until the natural transition of power takes place between the Obama administration and the incoming Trump administration. Once this takes place, then calm heads are needed because certain players seek to maintain divisions between America and the Russian Federation. In other words, the Balkans, the Middle East, and other parts of the world including Northeast Asia, need a fresh approach between Washington and Moscow in order to return the world to greater stability.

After all, the old order, including NATO and the Cold War mentality of the Obama administration seek divisions, divide and rule, destabilization, and other negative forces. Given this reality, wise heads are needed between the government of the Russian Federation and the incoming Trump administration. If this happens, then some sanity will hopefully return to areas destabilized and the same applies to the common European home that stretches across the entire continent – despite certain historical clashes that haven’t fully mended.

The Serbian Orthodox Christians of Kosovo have been killed for organs by Albanians in Kosovo, had many holy Orthodox churches and monasteries destroyed, suffered religious and ethnic cleansing, and been forced into ghettoes. In recent times, the same threat continues unabated in northern Kosovo hence the warning from Serbia.

Nikolic hinted strongly that the armed forces of Serbia would be redeployed to Kosovo if Serbs face being killed. In reply to sending the army into Kosovo, Nikolic said, “If Serbs are being killed, yes.”

Nikolic further stated, “Everything was on the brink of conflict that would have produced dozens of deaths, and today… God knows… yesterday several agreements signed in Brussels were trampled on, Article 1 speaks about the freedom of movement, and there’s also the article that says special ROSU units cannot show up north of the Ibar (River) without the approval of NATO and the local community. Why did a train bother the so-called international community and Pristina yesterday? Perhaps because it had ‘Kosovo is Serbia’ written on it and because it was painted with our frescoes… then we should not allow any Albanian carrying the insignia and the documents of Kosovo through the territory of Serbia.”

Intimidation and threats are coming from the mainly Muslim Albanian side in Kosovo and like usual NATO and the EU ignores many agreements and assurances. Western powers know full well that ROSU units in northern Kosovo will spread fear to Serbian Orthodox Christians and endanger the fragile balance in Kosovska Mitrovica – and other areas where Serbs still survive. Therefore, it is essential that Serbia and the Russian Federation wait for the new Trump administration and to work diplomatically if possible. This is based on certain players seeking to tie Trump up and to ramp up anti-Russian Federation hysteria based on a compliant mass media.

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