Shia educational facilities attacked in Kabul by terrorists

Shia educational facilities attacked in Kabul by terrorists

Noriko Watanabe and Chika Mori

Modern Tokyo Times

Two attacks against educational facilities hit the mainly Shia Hazara area located in Western Kabul. The latest terrorist attack bears the hallmarks of ISIS (Islamist State – ISIS-K).

NATO powers – ostensibly with America taking the senior role – were responsible for keeping terrorism at bay along with the former government of Afghanistan. Yet, since handing power to the Taliban under a chaotic handover by the administration of President Joe Biden, the baton of stemming Sunni Islamic terrorism now belongs to the Taliban.

Tolo News (Afghanistan) reports, “The first blast took place near a training center and was followed by two more blasts nearby that targeted Abdul Raheem Shaheed school. The second blasts occurred as students were coming out of the school.”  

Voice of America reports, “The Taliban, accused of war crimes against Shiites during their first time in power in the 1990s, have pledged to protect the community and have condemned attacks by ISIS-K.”

It is known that six people were killed in the latest attack against Shia Muslims. However, the fear is that the death toll will increase.

The Guardian reports, “Since seizing power, the Taliban have regularly carried out raids on suspected IS hideouts, mainly in the eastern Nangarhar province.”

The number of terrorist attacks since the Taliban took power is much lower. Despite this, it seems likely that the longer the Taliban stays in power, the more likely that different forms of discontent will emerge while ISIS is waiting for an opportune time to expand.

Lee Jay Walker says, “The Shia face endless Sunni Islamic terrorist threats in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Syria, and in other nations. Similarly, from the state apparatus level, the Shia face discrimination in many Sunni Muslim dominated nations – from Bahrain to Malaysia.”


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