Shia Muslims burn down Iran Consulate based on rebuking outside influence: Muqtada al-Sadr

Shia Muslims burn down Iran Consulate based on rebuking outside influence: Muqtada al-Sadr

Murad Makhmudov and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

The Iranian consulate was set alight in the overwhelmingly Shia city of Basra in Southern Iraq. Chants by Shia Muslims were aimed at internal corruption and the influence of outside nations like Iran. Hence, like the enigmatic Shia cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, the masses are increasingly disillusioned by internal political cronyism and nations like Iran who play geopolitical games at the expense of Iraq.

After all, if Iran is so fixated on protecting the Shia, then why does this nation trade openly with anti-Shia Malaysia? Equally, Iran finances Hamas (also anti-Shia) and maintains cordial relations with Qatar and Turkey. Yes, the same nations that manipulated various Sunni Islamist Takfiri groups in Syria to overthrow the Syrian government are also the same nations that have close ties with Iran. Also, the Muslim Brotherhood and Iran have cordial relations. Therefore, many Shia Muslims in Iraq are dismayed by the power politics of Iran.

The BBC reports, “Crowds in the streets of the Shia Muslim-majority city chanted against Iranian influence on Iraqi politics.”

Several years ago al-Sadr stated strongly, “I am among you to say to you, frankly and bravely, that the government has left its people struggling against death, fear, hunger, unemployment, occupation, a struggling economy, a security crisis, bad services and a big political crisis.”

In a past article by Modern Tokyo Times that focused on al-Sadr, it was stipulated, Equally, they know that al-Sadr doesn’t want Iraq to be ruled by the collective forces of Ankara, Riyadh, London, Tehran, and Washington. Instead, al-Sadr declares that he wants to tackle the corrupt system and to safeguard the future of an independent Iraq.”

Another major concern for ordinary Iraqis is the exploitation of the natural resources of this nation. It appears that America, China, the Russian Federation, Turkey, and others, are only concerned about issues outside the remit of ordinary people. This applies to geopolitical games, exploiting natural resources, and controlling or influencing respective spheres of influence.

Hence, with demonstrations in Basra continuing the words of al-Sadr seem prophetic. Indeed, al-Sadr is a very different cleric than the fiery person who condemned the American occupation of Iraq. This applies to al-Sadr appealing to all Iraqis irrespective of faith because he is focused on putting Iraq first and safeguarding the future of this nation. Therefore, internal cronyism and corruption – just like America, Iran, and Turkey playing geopolitical games at the expense of the Iraqi people – are major themes at the heart of al-Sadr and the mass demonstrations in Basra that have just witnessed the burning of the Iranian consulate by Shia Muslims.


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