Should BLM change its name or is Arab slavery and ethnic massacres in Africa fine? 

Should BLM change its name or is Arab slavery and ethnic massacres in Africa fine?

Kanako Mita and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

The United States unlike most of Asia takes in black African Christians and people from all continents. However, how many black African Christians have been given citizenship in the last 50 years in China, India, Iran, Japan, Kuwait, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, and other nations in Asia?

On the contrary, migrants from poor African and Asian nations reside in segregated housing from the Gulf to Singapore. Wealthy Arabs have also been caught buying and selling poor migrants via social media. Yet no outrage from Black Lives Matter (BLM) – or should it be “African American Lives Matter?”

Many videos show Arabs in Libya selling black Africans and some women have been raped. This is nothing new because during the war in Sudan several Arab militias enslaved the African Dinka and others. However, despite the severity of slavery it doesn’t seem to concern BLM. Therefore, why the name BLM?

The racist angle is visible by Yusra Khogali, the co-founder of Toronto’s BLM chapter who deems white people to be “recessive genetic defects.” 

Khogali in a tweet also wrote, “Plz Allah give me strength to not cuss / kill these men and white folks out here today. Plz plz plz”

Unlike America, ethnic and religious killings are shockingly high in Africa. This relates to Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Democratic Republic of Congo, Mali, Mozambique, Nigeria, South Sudan, and several other nations. At the same time, anti-immigrant pogroms have happened in South Africa in recent years.

These events make America seem like a picnic. For example, the Muslim Fulani in Nigeria has butchered hundreds of Christians this year. However, unlike the privilege in America of all communities, the concern is minor. Therefore, it is clear that BLM is intent on giving a free pass to non-majority white nations.

Issues also persist in cities including Chicago where African American violence is aimed mainly at the same ethnic group. This includes killing children. Despite this, no similar type of outrage from BLM and the politically correct media because no race-baiting angle to exploit.

Propaganda is being targeted against America both internally and externally. For example, internal incitement applies to BLM, the politically correct media machine, social media, extremely privileged music professionals, sports personnel, privileged politicians, the usual race-baiting religious leaders, and others including actors. External incitement via social media applies to China, Iran, Islamists, privileged communists in leafy suburbs, and others.

This is ironic because Arab Muslims utilized slavery in Africa roughly 800 years before Europeans. Equally, they were the last to stop because slavery was banned in 1962 in the land of Mecca. Hence, Islamic forces enslaved in Africa, Asia, and Europe from the 7th century until 1962. However, this is conveniently forgotten because it doesn’t suit the anti-white angle. The same applies to Turks selling Christians in the early 20th century.

Likewise, in China and Iran, they rarely give citizenship to African Christians. More important, racism in Tibet and Xinjiang (China) is also based on altering the ethnic angle. While in Iran females face prison for not covering up and homosexuals are killed. Therefore, why is America being judged so harshly compared with other nations?

Also, in Cuba, it is abundantly clear that lighter-skinned Cubans have enormous advantages. Yet the BLM communist angle negates racism in communist China and Cuba – just like it ignores Arab slavery, ethnic massacres in Africa, and racism in other non-white majority nations.

In Libya, the Arabs are still enslaving and branding black Africans in modern times. Likewise, ISIS (Islamic State – IS) is still enslaving the Yazidis and raping women. This is based on the Hadiths.

Once more, just like rich Arabs in the Gulf being caught selling black Africans on social media, the BLM movement is quiet. Thus “African American Lives Matter” seems appropriate providing the killers are white. Equally, a hidden Islamist agenda is not being challenged internally by BLM. Therefore, Islamist propaganda is ignoring the 1,300 years legacy of Muslim slavery.

Amnesia also ignores important stats that highlight the high homicide rate committed by African Americans. Indeed, deaths involving different ethnic groups also highlight a negative discrepancy. Yet this fact is glossed over to a large degree. Therefore, while issues related to institutional discrimination, police accountability, and other areas that need addressing – it still shouldn’t be brushed under the carpet.

Most Americans accept that racism needs challenging in all directions. Equally, police accountability needs to be implemented when unlawful killings occur irrespective of ethnicity. Similarly, if sentencing people for the same crime is biased then this needs to be rectified.

The endless protests in America by many privileged people – and the narrative that ignores over 170 police killings of whites in America this year – highlights the open manipulation of BLM propaganda. Hence, BLM isn’t concerned about Africa, Arab slavery, ethnic massacres, or racial inequality in Africa.

The same applies to when African American children are killed by the same ethnic group. Therefore, the name needs changing to African American Lives Matter providing the killings are done by whites.

While the anti-American nuance is being played out more immigrants will enter America and succeed. This reality exists irrespective if people are Chinese, Iranian, or Nigerian – why? Arabs branding black Africans in Libya Arabs enslaving black Africans

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