Sikhs killed by Islamists in Afghanistan after a brutal terrorist attack against a holy place

Sikhs killed by Islamists in Afghanistan after a brutal terrorist attack against a holy place

Murad Makhmudov and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

ISIS (Islamic State – IS) claimed responsibility for a brutal terrorist attack against Sikh worshippers in the capital of Afghanistan. One-minute Sikh worshippers were praying and then suddenly another brutal terrorist attack killed many innocents.

It is known that at least 25 people perished because of the unrelenting hatred of Sunni Islamists against religious minorities. Hence, from ISIS enslaving Yazidis and butchering this religious group in Iraq to targeting the small Sikh community in Afghanistan, it is clear that Islamists hate all and sundry. This equally applies to Sunni Islamist terrorists killing Alawite Muslims and Shia Muslims.

The Guardian reports, Gunmen and suicide bombers have killed at least 25 worshippers, including women and children, and injured many others in an early morning attack on a Sikh Gurdwara in the heart of Kabul.”

Thus, even the very small Sikh community in Afghanistan is deemed impermissible to Sunni Islamists. Of course, this is nothing new because the history of Islamic invasions of Afghanistan led to the utter annihilation of Buddhism. While other non-Muslim faiths survived only based on the dhimmitude system. Therefore, this is a continuation of history irrespective of how Western media seeks to avoid this harsh reality.

The BBC reports, “IS has targeted Sikhs and other religious minorities before in Afghanistan. The country’s main militant group, the Taliban, denied any involvement.

However, under past Taliban rule, all non-Muslims and minority Muslim sects were treated harshly. Hence, countless numbers of Sikhs fled to India after suffering enormous Sunni Islamic persecution. Indeed, Sikhs were even forced to wear yellow armbands to further humiliate and intimidate this religious community.



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