Small child starves to death in Tokyo because nobody bothered to step in

Small child starves to death in Tokyo because nobody bothered to step in

Kanako Mita and Lee Jay Walker 

Modern Tokyo Times

Little Noa was only 3-years-old when she passed painfully from this cruel world. It didn’t happen in a remote part of Japan. Instead, it happened in one of the most busiest and dynamic cities in the world.

Noa isn’t the first child to die without a single person caring for her. Sadly, she won’t be the last because inaction is the constant theme in similar cases of neglect.

It is known that Saki Kakehashi left her child to starve to death slowly. Indeed, while her daughter was dying and abandoned, her mother was enjoying life with her boyfriend in distant Kagoshima.

Ultimately, Noa’s voice became a whisper followed by unconsciousness and death. Meanwhile, her mother felt free and happy during the same period.

Sadly, not one person in Noa’s environment cared for at least 12 months. This is known because information testifies that her mother frequently left her child alone.

Hence, if people knew that Kakehashi enjoyed long hours at pachinko, frequenting bars, leaving her daughter when at work, and so forth, then how come nobody intervened and phoned social services?

It appears that Noa didn’t have any immediate family members or relatives who cared for her wellbeing. Likewise, it seems that the work colleagues of Kakehashi, her drinking partners, and friends asked no questions.

Equally depressing, it is known the one neighbor recalls not seeing Kakehashi with her daughter for roughly one year. Therefore, not one phone call of concern was shown for this little girl.

In May, Kakehashi also visited Kagoshima for a few days. However, the fatal death of Noa took place in June after her mother stayed in Kagoshima for 8 days. Therefore, it is difficult to believe that her daughter never made any noises and cried in May or June – or for at least one year of known neglect.

Hence little Noa died in a cold world where other similar cases are known. After all, non-interference in Japan isn’t unusual. Thus the fuss now about Noa is hiding the issue of wider society.

Therefore, little Noa died in one of the most dynamic cities in the world based on a culture of non-interference.


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