Somalia hit by two terrorist attacks by al-Shabaab

Somalia hit by two terrorist attacks by al-Shabaab

Sawako Utsumi and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Two separate terrorist attacks by the Islamist Al-Shabaab (Al-Shabab) in Somalia are known to have killed at least 20 people. This comes shortly after al-Shabaab entered the territory of Ethiopia. Therefore, with the Islamist insurgency showing no signs of being crushed in Somalia – and probes into Ethiopia: it highlights the confidence of al-Shabaab.

The more deadly attack killed at least 13 people in the town of Merca. This terrorist attack was aimed at killing local officials. Thus the suicide bombing killed Mayor Abdullahi Ali Wafow and several people who gave him political advice. Hence, this targeted assassination was fulfilled by al-Shabaab planners of this terrorist attack.

In the other terrorist attack, a landmine explosion hit the town of Afgoye. The bomb exploded near a local livestock market – which attracts many people.

Voice of America reports, “Eyewitnesses and medical sources in Afgoye told VOA the blast killed seven people and wounded 14 others. Al-Shabab media said the explosion killed two soldiers, but the group didn’t claim responsibility.”

The al-Shabaab attacks government forces, members of the African Union military forces, and occasionally terrorist attacks in Kenya – while probing a vulnerable part of Ethiopia along the border with Somalia. Politicians and local mayors that deal with the government are also targeted to be killed. Therefore, the potency of al-Shabaab remains while the government relies on international support.

The Economist dramatically says, “For three decades Somalia has lurched between disorder and anarchy. The government controls only bits of the country. The rest is in the hands of jihadists adept at blowing themselves up in crowded places. For many Somalis life is poor, brutish and short. They live in the fifth poorest and eighth most-violent country. Their life expectancy is the world’s sixth lowest.”

Adults continue to join al-Shabaab in the hope of living in a strict Sharia Islamic state where apostates to Christianity are killed – and conservative religious rules are enforced under Islamic law.

This includes the separation of males and females, trade sanctioned under Shaira, the amputation of hands or feet concerning criminality or the death penalty – and other measures governed by their version of Islam.

According to al-Shabaab, government-controlled areas are blighted by criminality, drugs, and other negatives. Also, the government of Somalia relies heavily on regional nations for its limited security. Therefore, in the worldview of al-Shabaab, only internal divisions and restoring Somalia under Islam can happen under their Islamist ideology.

Somalia also faces horrendous food insecurity.


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