South Carolina Christian Church Massacre: Media Should Stop Publishing Images of Deranged Killer

South Carolina Christian Church Massacre: Media Should Stop Publishing Images of Deranged Killer

Noriko Watanabe and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times


The derange killer who massacred innocent people inside a Christian church in America should have his name obliterated from the face of this earth. Instead, you have a media frenzy of publishing images of this barbaric killer and given the mentality of this cold-bloodied murderer, then this is probably what he desires. Therefore, it is time for the media to stop hyping this deranged killer because the only names that count are the innocent Christian victims.

Of course, it is important to understand the reasons why he killed – if they exist to any important degree – in order to counter-attack against racist motives (if this was the main factor) but this should be done within the justice system. After all, it is noticeable that his friend stated that he never treated him differently despite the difference of race between both individuals. In other words, it could well be that the deranged killer just wants a sense of self importance – just like barbaric individuals that join ISIS (Islamic State – IS) and behead on camera. Or, it may well be that he came under the influence of white supremacists, if so, it is essential that law enforcement agencies focus on this.

However, the deranged killer who is either a lone wolf, a delusional murderer who seeks fame – or a terrorist if linked to motives based on race or religion (why attack a Christian church) – must not be pandered to by showing images of him. After all, the only importance he holds within his twisted mind will be to the evil deed he did in order to find notoriety.

Sadly, in the United States it isn’t so unusual to have mass killing sprees in schools and colleges – and other areas – because something is amiss within the psyche of a small number of deranged individuals. At the same time, videos of police officers shooting individuals for no justifiable reason means that culturally even the law enforcement system is failing society. Therefore, the innocent African-American Christians inside the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church were “lambs to slaughter” based on the twisted mind of the killer and the reality of a culture whereby gun massacres are easy to commit.

The atrocious massacre took place during Bible study and this anti-Christian element must not be overlooked. After all, if the deranged killer is so concerned about issues related to crime (even if delusional reasons) then attacking African-American Christians doesn’t make sense. Indeed, even if his sole motive was race – and even if this church is famous within the civil rights movement – it takes real hatred to kill Christians within a church knowing full well that the massacre is both barbaric and extremely cowardly.

It is time for the media to also stop pandering to the evil mind of the twisted killer by showing his images and highlighting his thought patterns. The only names that must be remembered are Rev Depayne Middleton-Doctor, Rev Daniel Simmons Sr., Rev Sharonda Coleman-Singleton, Cynthia Hurd, Tywanza Sanders, Ethel Lance, Susie Jackson and Myra Thompson.

The resurrection of the African-American Christian Church is already alive with hope, love, compassion and providing the community with a spiritual home. Therefore, it is time for the media to eradicate the evil seed that killed these innocent African-American Christians by expunging his name and images from their respective media coverage. If not, then the barbaric killer – or terrorist if found to have a religious or ethnic factor behind his killings – will continue with his delusional self-importance.


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