South Korea in new coronavirus spike: Japan watching events anxiously

South Korea in new coronavirus spike: Japan watching events anxiously

Kanako Mita and Lee Jay Walker 

Modern Tokyo Times

The government of South Korea announced the biggest increase in new coronavirus (Covid-19) cases in seven weeks. Hence, it highlights the problem facing nations because clusters can easily emerge.

Despite the international media lauding South Korea, the death rate isn’t so different from Japan. The only difference is that the international media plays from the same hymn sheet. However, deaths per million in Japan are 7 compared with 5 in South Korea.

The “new norm” internationally at the moment is containing fresh clusters after containing the initial crisis. Despite times of anxiety in Japan and South Korea, both have escaped the worst.

News that South Korea witnessed 40 new cases is problematic for political elites in Seoul and Tokyo. This is based on geopolitical similarities and with both nations being in the next phase against coronavirus. Therefore, irrespective strengths and weaknesses naturally concern both nations.

Voice of America reports, “In his daily briefing in Seoul, South Korean Vice Health Minister Kim Kang-lip said that 37 of the 40 new cases are related to the recent outbreak from nightclubs in Itaewon, Seoul’s multicultural district. Kim said the remaining three are infections from abroad.”

Sexual meeting districts in Seoul and Tokyo have been areas of coronavirus infections and evading information. This is ironic because both nations have low birth rates. However, the sex trade is big in Japan and South Korea. Therefore, entertainment districts, nightclubs, karaoke, and bars need special attention.

Concerns have also been raised at an e-commerce company. This also raises another important issue related to social distancing at work.

The number of new coronavirus cases isn’t currently high in South Korea. However, it is still a reminder to Japan and South Korea that caution remains essential.


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