Sport and Western PC authoritarianism: Russophobia is out of control

Sport and Western PC authoritarianism: Russophobia is out of control

Kanako Mita, Sawako Utsumi, and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Western politically correct (PC) authoritarianism is out of control concerning the Russian Federation. Thus, Russian conductors and artists in various fields are losing their jobs – or performance contracts – throughout many Western democratic nations. Therefore, the same PC brigade who lambasted Donald Trump for his travel ban on several nations (mainly Muslim nations) – concerning national security – is now copying his methodology related to nationals from the Russian Federation.

Russophobia is in vogue. Hence, it is getting more overtly racist and mind-controlling by the day. Indeed, anti-Russian Federation rhetoric is creating jingoism within the European Union (EU) – and even elites within the Green Party in Germany are pushing the NATO angle. Therefore, irrespective of reading right-wing media (Fox News to the Daily Mail) – or left-leaning media (CNN to The Guardian) – or if the organization is more liberal like the EU or military-based like NATO – all are anti-Russian Federation to an extreme apart from the odd brave voice.

Formula One highlights the PC racism – and mind control – that currently exists within the sporting world. This naturally is entering the political arena, the media, acting profession, the arts, and so forth. Hence, Russian and Belarus drivers mustn’t “express any support (direct or indirect) for the Russian and/or Belarusian activities in respect of Ukraine.”

Deutsche Welle reports, “The most prominent figure subject to the new rules is Russian driver Nikita Mazepin, who has already had his racing license revoked by Motorsport UK. The British governing body has gone further than the global FIA, meaning Mazepin won’t be able to compete at the British Grand Prix at Silverstone on July 3.”

The Spectator reports, “Russian art and booze and even cats are being canceled by western institutions keen to signal their anger over Ukraine. The UK tour of the Russian State Ballet of Siberia has been axed, as if pirouettes were propaganda, as if sublime dancing by Russian people might pollute the hearts and minds of British audiences. Some UK venues have canceled performances by the Russian State Opera, even though ‘Russian State Opera’ is just a ‘brand name’ – it is in fact part of a UK company that brings together graduates of arts institutions in Russia and former Soviet countries.”

The Washington Post reports, “The Metropolitan Opera of New York has announced it will no longer stage performers who have supported Russian President Vladimir Putin. Carnegie Hall has done the same, and the Royal Opera House in London is canceling a planned Bolshoi Ballet residency. I expect more institutions to follow suit. Russia’s contemporary art scene, already financially struggling, fears ostracism from museums and collectors, mostly because of Putin’s recent actions.”

McCarthyism is in vogue again. However, instead of the nationalist and political angle related to conservatism – it is now a fusion of the PC brigade to the conservative anti-Russian Federation brigade -that are combined. Hence, why bother to read The Guardian or the Daily Mail – or CNN to Fox News – or care if Democrat or Republican, EU members, or the Labour Party to Conservative Party in the United Kingdom – after all, apart from a few brave souls, it is a done Russophobia deal. Therefore, Western anti-Russian Federation rhetoric is spreading from the arts to sport – from politics to the mass media – concerning a new jingoism that fuses with McCarthyism.

Tom Tugendhat (the United Kingdom and a member of the Conservative Party) shockingly implied the deportation of Russian citizens.

He said, in his anti-Russian racist tone, “We can expel Russian citizens, all of them… We can make a choice to defend our interests, to defend the British people, and to defend our international partners.”

If Tugendhat said this about an ethnic group connected to Africa or South Asia – he would be condemned for abhorrent racism. However, it is open season on humiliating Russians and installing “racism by stealth” irrespective of whether the agenda is right-wing, left-wing, the PC, or liberal points of view. It is a shocking state of affairs and needs to end immediately.

The international community didn’t call for sweeping boycotts of America when Agent Orange was used against Vietnam. Or when America was involved in killing countless numbers in South America (supported right-wing death squads) concerning Operation Condor in South America. Likewise, recent military adventures in Iraq, Libya, and the destabilization of Syria led to huge numbers of deaths. Indeed, the actions of America, France, Turkey, the United Kingdom, and some Gulf States are still responsible for the ongoing convulsions that are killing many people. Therefore, where are the boycotts against these nations that unleashed such carnage?

Similarly, people in West Papua are suffering horrendously because of the actions of Indonesia. Hence, it seems that Ukraine is an exception concerning the European angle that also contains the usual anti-Russian angle (Soviets yesterday, Russians today)? After all, the suffering in nations like Yemen is horrendous (ironically, vast numbers of deaths are attributed to the military arms of America, the EU, and the UK). However, the anti-Russian Federation jingoism of the EU, UK, US, and the PC brigade appear to deem history – and ongoing conflicts including Yemen – as having unequal importance.

Tugendhat is blighted by Russophobia – like many other politicians in America, the EU, and the UK. He did try to backtrack by claiming his comments were aimed at certain individuals connected to President Vladimir Putin. However, his original comment was crystal clear.

It is hoped that the conflict between the Russian Federation and Ukraine will end shortly. This concerns the “respective geopolitical security guarantees” on all sides. After all, a conflict between the Russian Federation and NATO would certainly threaten the nuclear bomb angle.

The abhorrent Russophobia that is being ushered daily is concerning. If this McCarthyism continues – then who will be next?

It seems that some conflicts generate no international concern – other conflicts like Yemen generate enormous military contracts for several EU nations and the UK on the bones of Yemenis – and wars enacted by NATO powers don’t generate international economic boycotts. However, the coming together of a war in Europe combined with Russophobia – is generating mass hysteria – now that is real racism!



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