State of Emergency in Peru: More restraints to protect Boluarte

State of Emergency in Peru: More restraints to protect Boluarte

Noriko Watanabe and Hiroshi Saito

Modern Tokyo Times

The political convulsions since the ousting of President Pedro Castillo in Peru continue to rock the nation. At least 42 people have been killed after Dina Boluarte, the newly unelected leader of Peru, declared a State of Emergency.

Clashes are notably of concern in southern Peru. In this region, many indigenous people support Castillo and demand his release from jail. They also want Boluarte to resign and for fresh elections.

Voice of America reports, “Supporters of ousted president Pedro Castillo have marched and barricaded streets across the South American country since December, demanding new elections and the removal of Boluarte.”

Lee Jay Walker says, “The authorities in Peru continue to utilize the state apparatus to crush voices of dissent. Hence, certain constitutional rights – including the freedom of movement and the right to assembly – have been taken away for a set period. However, the fear is that this period will continue to be expanded if Boluarte remains in power.”

Boluarte said, “Some voices that have come from the violent and radical factions are asking for my resignation, provoking the population into chaos, disorder, and destruction.”

She continued, “I will not resign. My commitment is with Peru.”

The Guardian reports, “…she rejected the possibility of calling a constitutional assembly as demanded by protesters, pointing to the difficulties Peru’s neighbor Chile has had in drafting and approving a new constitution.”

The BBC reports, “Several members of Ms. Boluarte’s government resigned on Friday, including the interior minister. The country also saw a tenth consecutive day of clashes following a new year lull.”

Richard Hancco, the Governor of Puno, said, “How many more deaths will Dina Boluarte’s presence in the presidency cost?”

Castillo remains popular – especially in the south of the country. Hence, compromises are needed on all sides, to restore stability to Peru.

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