Sudan needs greater international concern: Professors and women march against the regime

Sudan needs greater international concern: Professors and women march against the regime

Murad Makhmudov and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

The government of President Omar al-Bashir continues to trample down on dissent and seems aloof to the need for genuine change. In the latest demonstrations, both professors and women once more witnessed the tyranny of the state apparatus. Therefore, it is essential that voices within Africa and internationally are raised to a higher degree because the defenseless are being killed, maimed, and put in prison by the state apparatus.

It is known that at least 14 professors were arrested after denouncing the tyranny of al-Bashir. This took place outside the University of Khartoum. At the same time, doctors in several parts of the country also demonstrated against the government. Similarly, people from all walks of life and women are demonstrating for a new Sudan after endless years of oppression, failure, inequality, anti-female policies, and the abuse of power.

Reuters reports, Union members, students, opposition activists and others, frustrated with economic hardships, have held near daily protests since Dec. 19, in the most sustained challenge to Bashir’s three decades in power.”

It is notable that women refuse to be silenced by the state apparatus despite facing enormous discrimination based on Sudan’s version of Islamic Sharia law. Hence, women and girls suffer from domestic violence, Female Genital Mutilation, child marriage, and other brutal facts that blight women and girls in Sudan. Therefore, despite the possibility of death and rape, women are demonstrating openly against the tyranny of al-Bashir and the tools of the state.

Hala Al-Karib, the regional Khartoum based director of the Strategic Initiative for Women in the Horn of Africa, uttered strongly, “The price of bread was a trigger for protests, but it’s not about bread, it’s about equality. It’s about dignity, it’s about freedom.” 

The brave protestors face the endless tyranny of the state. Hence, it is high time for greater international pressure inside Africa and internationally. If not, more blood will flow and al-Bashir will be emboldened to unleash the state apparatus to an even higher degree. Hence, the people of Sudan need to know that they haven’t been abandoned internationally.


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