Sunni Islamists and Mass Immigration threatens Europe but Obama and NATO focus on Russia

Sunni Islamists and Mass Immigration threatens Europe but Obama and NATO focus on Russia

Murad Makhmudov and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

The convulsions of the legacy of President Obama of America will continue to haunt many parts of the world. This notably applies to anti-Russian Federation posturing, enormous military sales to Saudi Arabia and opportunism, the policy of destabilization, emboldening mass immigration, implementing contradictory policies in the Middle East, and encouraging Cold War dinosaurs in NATO. Therefore, while Sunni Islamic terrorism and indoctrination is growing throughout many parts of Europe – along with mass immigration that threatens social cohesion – the old guard backed by Obama are obsessed with the Russian Federation.

NATO is blessed to have such a compliant anti-Russian Federation global media circus to bolster its anti-Russian Federation approach. Of course, the same applies to the Obama administration that utilized a compliant approach towards his foreign policy objectives based on supplied chaos and mass propaganda. Hence, various Sunni Islamist sectarian groups have been boosted from Libya to Syria by the usual Gulf and NATO powers. Similarly, based on the open door policy of Chancellor Merkel of Germany – and other European liberal elites that follow the multi-cultural mantra – then Sunni Islamism is gaining an increasing foothold in countless parts of Europe and the same applies to Sunni Islamist terrorism.

Therefore, while Christians face endless religious cleansing and persecution in several parts of the Middle East and North Africa, the same old guard of Obama and NATO focus on the Russian Federation. Remarkably, while Sunni Islamists are killing and persecuting Alawites, Christians, Shabaks, Yazidis, the Shia, and others, the same Sunni Islamist force is gaining momentum in Germany based on Sunni Islamic immigration. Yes, the forty plus Sunni Muslim-dominated nations are mainly being given a free ride thanks to liberal political elites in Europe, the policies of Obama, and because NATO is looking in the wrong direction.

It is obvious that Obama, the liberal media, and internal mechanisms in America, seek to tie the President-elect down. Given this reality, Donald Trump needs to avoid the traps being set and this equally applies to Obama upping the ante towards the Russian Federation before shortly leaving office.

Not surprisingly, with little time left for Obama to spread his policies of supplied chaos and regional divisionism, then over 3,000 American soldiers took part in NATO war games in Poland. The BBC says, “It is the largest US military reinforcement of Europe in decades.”

Ironically, the above reality applies in the opposite direction in Iraq because countering ISIS (Islamic State – IS) in its anti-Shia, anti-Christian, anti-Alawite, and anti-Yazidi Sunni Islamist crusade is piecemeal under Obama. Indeed, in Libya, Yemen, and Syria, it is clear that various Sunni Islamist sectarian groups have been boosted by the policies of Obama and the same applies to the usual players within NATO and the Gulf region. Hence, ISIS and various al-Qaeda factions were emboldened by the destabilization policies of Obama and others in Libya and Syria – and like usual, the shadow of ISIS is following the Saudi Arabia alliance against Yemen in conjunction with enormous military sales to Saudi Arabia by the Obama administration.

Returning to the intrigues of Obama in Europe, then the major deployment of American troops in this part of the world by the “pull out Queen of Obama” speaks loudly. Not surprisingly, the Russian Federation is rebuking the Cold War mentality of Obama and NATO. Dmitry Peskov, a senior government spokesperson for the Russian Federation, said, “It’s a third country that is building up its military presence on our borders in Europe… It isn’t even a European country.”

In many parts of modern Europe, people are witnessing greater police and security forces being armed to the teeth. This applies to protecting holy places, major festivals, airports, and so forth – and this is virtually all aimed at preventing Sunni Islamist terrorism. Likewise, growing crime, enormous mass immigration, and increasing Sunni Islamization is taking root in many cities in major countries in Europe. However, despite this, NATO, political liberal elites, and Obama are all fixated on the Russian Federation.

It appears that the cleansing of non-Muslims and Muslim minorities including Alawites and the Shia by Sunni Islamists in many parts of the world isn’t deemed serious. Equally, the increasing reality of Sunni Islamist terrorism and Gulf petrodollars altering the religious landscape in the Balkans – and spreading Takfiri tentacles in parts of Western Europe is also deemed non-threatening. Therefore, while “the gates of Europe are being threatened” the posturing is still focused on the Russian Federation by the old guard – and this is the reality of Obama and the ilk that follow this folly.

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