Sunni Islamists in Afghanistan kill many female students

Sunni Islamists in Afghanistan kill many female students

Murad Makhmudov and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Another brutal Sunni Islamist terrorist attack, targeting a Shia district in the environs of Kabul, is known to have killed at least 40 people in Afghanistan. Many of the dead include students after an explosion devastated an area near a school.

According to Tolo News (Afghanistan), a schoolteacher said, “A car bomb blast happened first, and then two more explosions occurred near the girls school in Kabul.”

Reports claim that the majority of people killed are female students. Hence, the impotence of America and the troops of NATO is in full view because various Sunni Islamist forces were never contained. Similarly, with America pulling its military forces out of Afghanistan under President Joe Biden, it is clear that a new phase will emerge once more where the Shia, government forces, females, and others will face an emboldened Sunni Islamist menace.

Reuters reports, “A senior interior ministry official told Reuters on condition of anonymity that most of the casualties were students coming out of the Sayed ul Shuhada school.”

The mission of the European Union in Afghanistan, said, “Targeting primarily students in a girls’ school makes this an attack on the future of Afghanistan. On young people determined to improve their country.”

The BBC points out that the latest terrorist attack to hit Dasht-e-Barchi is all too familiar because of the anti-Shia angle. This news agency says, “The neighborhood is populated by members of Afghanistan’s Hazara ethnic minority. As followers of Shia Islam, the Islamic State group (IS) views them as heretics…”

Sadly, the blood will continue to flow because the darkness of Sunni Islamism seeks to turn the clock back. Hence, the central government that is already weak in vast swathes of Afghanistan faces an uphill struggle to contain several Sunni Islamist forces.


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