Sunni Islamists kill at least 95 in Afghanistan: Year Islamist Zero and endless terrorism

Sunni Islamists kill at least 95 in Afghanistan: Year Islamist Zero and endless terrorism

Murad Makhmudov and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Another brutal terrorist attack by Sunni Islamists is responsible for the death of at least 95 individuals in Afghanistan. This comes on top of the recent terrorist attack against the Intercontinental Hotel and several brutal attacks aimed at slaughtering Shia Muslims. Therefore, the latest Sunni Islamist attack to unleash more carnage in Kabul is a firm reminder how Islamic extremism and indoctrination is turning this nation into “Islamist Year Zero.”

It is known that the planned attack involved planting a bomb in an ambulance, thereby, easily passing through security checkpoints. Hence, the latest terrorist attack will put more pressure on the leader of Afghanistan. After all, it appears that the security apparatus is lagging behind endless Sunni Islamist terrorist attacks that blight Kabul and other parts of this nation.

Reuters reports, Mirwais Yasini, a member of parliament who was nearby when the explosion occurred, said an ambulance approached the checkpoint and blew up. The target was apparently an interior ministry building but the victims were mainly people who happened to be in the street.”

The BBC says, “In October, 176 people were killed in bomb attacks across Afghanistan in one week. The country’s security forces in particular have suffered heavy casualties at the hands of the Taliban, who want to re-impose their strict version of Islamic law in the country.”

Ironically, the role of international aid agencies, powerful governments that supply economic aid, the United Nations, and others, have all laid the path for endless Islamization of Afghanistan. Indeed, images of the pre-communist period and under the last communist leader, Mohammad Najibullah, all showed signs of hope despite backwardness in rural areas. However, since America, Pakistan, the United Kingdom, and several Gulf powers sided with Sunni Islamists against communist leaders, then a gradual “Islamist Year Zero” began to sweep the (Islamist Afghanistan below and more modern Kabul before outside powers supported Islamism against Najibullah) nation several decades ago.


Indeed, the above-named nations even tolerated the Islamization of Pakistan that Zia ul-Haq (leader of Pakistan several decades ago) dreamed about. Moving the clock forward, and both Afghanistan and Pakistan are blighted by terrorism, “Year Zero Islamists,” backwardness, and where religious minorities face the sword of Sunni Islamism – be it the butchering of Christians and Shia Muslims in Pakistan, to butchering Shia Muslims in Afghanistan. Yet, despite this, major economic powers have done very little to challenge “Year Zero Islamism, instead, they have placated fear by stealth by handing over power to Islamist clerics, Islamic Sharia law, and corrupt central and regional leaders that don’t seek a new way for this nation.

Therefore, in 2018 women in many parts of Afghanistan and Pakistan are being forced into the shadows. Apostates from Islam face death and alleged blasphemy can lead to being lynched by the forces of “Year Zero Islamism.” In Afghanistan, the LGBT community faces either the brutality of being butchered by Sunni Islamist terrorist groups, or facing the wrath of a fake conservatism that hates apostates and the LGBT community, but somehow tolerates child marriage and the systematic abuse of young girls.

In truth, economic powers from East to West can continue to spend vast sums on helping Afghanistan to modernize. Likewise, they can send military forces to try to quell Sunni Islamist terrorist groups. Yet, unless a form of secularism takes place in the corridors of power and other faiths are given space to spread an alternative message based on freedom and choice, then little will change apart from more terrorism and more “Year Zero Islamism.” Therefore, the education system, the emancipation of women, and other important areas, along with monitoring Sunni Islamist clerics, is needed in order to stop the schizophrenia of Sunni Islamism that hates all and sundry – including moderate Sunni Muslims opposed to the diktats of Sharia Islamic law and endless draconian Hadiths.

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