Sunni Islamists Target the Shia in Afghanistan: ISIS Kill at least 80 Shia Muslims

Sunni Islamists Target the Shia in Afghanistan: ISIS Kill at least 80 Shia Muslims

Ramazan Khalidov and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times


The mainly Shia Hazara had gathered in the thousands in Kabul to demonstrate about the rerouting of a power line based on the poverty-stricken reality of Bamiyan province. However, the gathering enabled ISIS (Islamic State) to plan a major terrorist attack against the Shia Hazara.

Voice of America reports, “Ahead of Saturday’s rally in Kabul, authorities had blocked main roads to prevent protesters from reaching the city’s center or the presidential palace. The measures severely restricted movement, forcing shops and businesses to close. It also hampered the ability of rescue workers to reach victims of the attack.”

After ISIS got wind of the demonstration then two Sunni Islamist Takfiris penetrated the demonstration. The end result being explosive detonated terrorist belts, in order to kill the Shia in vast numbers.

In the past, the Shia Hazara community was butchered in the thousands by the Sunni Islamist Taliban. Yet, while attacks persist, some extremely brutal against the Shia in Afghanistan, the sectarian angle isn’t out of control unlike parts of Iraq.

Reuters reports, Officials in Afghanistan’s main intelligence agency, the National Directorate for Security (NDS), said the attack was planned by an individual named Abu Ali, an Islamic State militant they said was based in Achin district in Nangarhar.”

It is known that at least 80 individuals have perished because of the barbarity of Sunni Islamist Takfiris in Kabul. However, the death total is likely to increase because several hundred people have been injured. Menacingly, it is feared that ISIS will up the ante against the Shia Hazara minority. Therefore, the central government must become more vigilant in the area of counter-terrorism, increased security, and other important areas.

President Ashraf Ghani, of Afghanistan, said: “Peaceful protest is the right of every citizen, but opportunist terrorists infiltrated the crowds and carried out the attack.”


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