Suspected Sunni Islamist Terrorist Attack in France: 80 People Perish on Bastille Day

Suspected Sunni Islamist Terrorist Attack in France: 80 People Perish on Bastille Day

Noriko Watanabe and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times


It appears that another Sunni Takfiri Islamist attack in France is behind the latest terrorist atrocity. Currently, it is known that 80 individuals have perished and sadly this may increase further. Therefore, the lorry attack in Nice is a further reminder of the “new Europe” that is beset by Sunni Takfiri terrorist attacks.

Information remains sketchy but the signs point in the direction of sympathizers – or members – of ISIS (Islamic State – IS). Doubts remain if a sole individual was involved, or possibly other people.

President Hollande of France said, “All of France is under threat of Islamic terrorism.”

Voice of America reports “A truck driver who steered his speeding truck into a crowd in France killed at least 77 people and injured 100 others in Nice late Thursday at a celebration of Bastille Day, France’s independence holiday.”


It is known that the driver deliberately killed adults and children based on ultimate hatred. Indeed, in the worldview of Sunni Islamist Takfiris then all and sundry are either apostates or infidels.

One minute, adults and children were celebrating Bastille Day. Then the next minute, many were killed in order to appease the Allah of Sunni Islamist Takfiris. Therefore, like Hollande said, Islamic terrorism is aimed at the entire country.

Hollande said, “In these circumstances, we must show extreme vigilance.”

This alludes to several terrorist attacks that have recently taken place in France. At the same time, security forces are on constant alert because the threat of Sunni Takfiri Islam is very real. After all, in recent weeks the same barbaric Sunni Islamists have killed the Shia in Iraq, murdered foreigners in Bangladesh, attacked an airport in Turkey, and countless other attacks in several nations.

Nice is the latest city in Europe to face the reality of this brutal menace that is based on religious Sunni Islamist ideology. It is high time for political elites in Europe to take a look in the mirror. After all, a one-way civilization war is being waged in parts of many major European cities.


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